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Residency ProgrammeIMMA Residency

IMMA's residency provides opportunities for national and international artists, curators, critical writers and art professionals to research and develop their practices onsite at the Museum.

IMMA Residency

Bringing Irish and International practices together, the IMMA residency programme aims to generate a fresh creative space for participants at a crucial point in their career – whether emerging or established art professionals. The Residency provides access to the museum’s audience and resources, and allows for participants to leave IMMA with expanded possibilities, new networks and work.

Residents are welcomed to propose the dissemination of their art practice through various contexts that come to light during time spent at IMMA.

Duration of IMMA Residency

The IMMA residency has multiple programming strands, which means participants often encounter many different practices and projects over the course of a residency at IMMA. We believe these overlaps are core to the expansive nature of the IMMA residency experience, and help to broaden networking possibilities available to residents.

  • The duration of a Residency at IMMA can vary from one week to one year and is often dependent on whether it’s an open call, a partnership or an invited opportunity. IMMA’s Open Calls usually have specific timeframes to respond to.
  • The International Visitors Programme for curators offers short stays from three days to one week.
  • Production Residencies in partnership with sister institutions have variable short timelines.

IMMA Residency Accommodation

The residency operates in the converted coach houses adjacent to the main museum building. There are several studios dedicated to the programme.

The onsite communal house, called The Flanker, provides a private room for each resident with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, the house can support live-in wheel chair access on the ground floor. In addition to the communal house there are three onsite apartments. All facilities are self-catering and are fully equipped with necessary appliances and living basics including bed-linens, towels and laundry facilities. Each studio space has heating, furnishings and access to a basic tool kit. There is wireless internet throughout the campus.

Not all artists on residency opt to live onsite, some may decide to take a studio only residency and other researchers or guests may only need accommodation, access to resources is dependant on the focus and output of the residency.

IMMA Residency Overview


IMMA Resident Artist, Neil Carroll

“The studio and grounds at IMMA provide the perfect location for the processes within my practice to unfold; the more formal aspects of the existing architecture acting as a backdrop and juxtaposition to the more experimental spaces of my practice.”

Past IMMA Residents

The IMMA residency programme dates back to 1995. Our Artist Directory includes residency artists from 2004 to the present day. To search an artist within the directory please select in the dropdown menu the ‘Residency Artist’ filter. We are working to add the entire archive to the Directory, but in the interim you can view a list of residents from 1995 – 2004 below.


Residents 1995–2004



Resident Artist
Achimescu Bogdan
Pauline Agnew
John Ahearn
Sinéad Aldridge
Tim Allen
Edward Allington
Nicola Atkinson-Griffith
Gabriel Baggio
Matthew Bakkom
Marie Barrett
Luz Maria Bedoya
Lorna Bieber
Richard Billingham
Paul Bradley
Myron Brody
Lorraine Burrell
Gerard Byrne
Clayton Campbell
Catalyst Arts
Daniel de Chenu
James Chinneck
Declan Clarke
Gabriel Clark-Brown
Oliver Comerford
David Connearn
Coracle Press
Margaret Corcoran
Maud Cotter
Gary Coyle
Cora Cummins
Maureen Cummins
Heather Deedman
Katy Deepwell
Chris Drury
Françoise Dupré
Jimmie Durham
Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone
Janieta Eyre
Colin Finley
Peter Fitzgerald
Mike Fitzpatrick
Dettie Flynn
David Fox
Taipéis Gael
Laura Gannonl
Javier de la Garza
Kendell Geers
Denis Gillingwater
Eric Glavin
Aimee Good
Frances Goodman
Hagar Goren
John Graham
Peter Haining
James Hanley
Catherine Harper
Geka Heinke
Anna Hill
Jenny Jaramilo
Jenny Jaramilo
Yu Hirai
Alan Howley
Kristina Huxley
Jenny Jaramilo
Lyndal Jefferies
Sandra Johnston
Rita Jokiranta
Paddy Jolley
Joan Jonas
Finola Jones
Yoshiko Kanai
Alexandra Karrasch
Vineta Kaulaca
Alan Keane
Una Keeley
Ted Kirby
Beat Klein & Hendrikje Kühne
Reinhard Kühl
Marcia Kure
Slavek Kwi
Clare Langan
John Langan
Rona Lee
Róisín Lewis
Frank Lüsing
Christine Mackey
Susan MacWilliam
Alice Maher
Katarina Matiasek
Charles Matson Lume
Caroline McCarthy
Mairéad McClean
Ronan McCrea
Patricia McKenna
Mark McLoughlin
Amalia Mesa-Bains
Janet Mullarney
Ailbhe Murphy
Padraig Murphy
Julie Murray
John Newling
John Newman
Abigail O’Brien
Ciarán O’Cearnaigh
Tina O’Connell
Hughie O’Donoghue
Gavin O’Curry
Ciaran O’Keeffe
Peter O’Kennedy
Paul O’Neill
Geraldine O’Reilly
Daniel Olson
Mark Orange
Kate Orchard
Susan Otto
Jonathon Owen
Marsha Pels
Lyndall Phelps
Richard Powell
Matilda Pye
Billy Quinn
Mahbubur Rahman
Sue Rees
Marc Reilly
Heli Rekula
Liam Rimmer
Almha Roche
Vivienne Roche
Rochelle Rubinstein Kapla
Brian Rutenberg
Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Paul Seawright
Lindsay Seers
Sophia Shamim
Desmond Short
Theo Sims
Cindy Smith
Sanjeev Sompimpare
Hannah Starkey
Daniela Steinfeld
Shane Synnott
Karen Tam
Thorbjorg Thorvaldsdottir
Christian Tomaszewski
David Trullo
Unspoken Truths
Dimitri Tsykalov
Donald Urquhart
Micaela de Vivero
Louise Walsh
Mary Ruth Walsh
Martin Wedge
Peter Welz
Li Xiaoke (China Ireland Cultural Exchange)
Yan Zhenduo (China Ireland Cultural Exchange)
Wang Zhiyuan
Carl Zimmerman

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