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Learn & EngageDementia-Inclusive

Whether you are a formal learner, or just curious to find out more, we can help you to engage with creativity, conceptual thinking and cultural meaning at IMMA.


Are you living with dementia or do you know someone who is? IMMA is one of the lead partners of a programme called ‘Azure’ which aims to make art galleries and museums around Ireland dementia-friendly spaces. Azure explores how people with dementia-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and the people who care for them, can have a deeper involvement in cultural institutions and can participate in cultural activities.

We offer monthly guided Azure Tours specifically designed to support people living with dementia and their family, friends or professional carers, to engage with our exhibitions and enjoy a social museum experience. All tours are free of charge, led by specially trained guides, and followed by complimentary refreshments.

“The fact that I have Lewy Bodies Dementia, there’s areas of my life that are a void. It would be fantastic to go home and say “God I love what I saw and I’d like to take an interest in that. That would be a massive, massive plus for me.”
Kevin Quaid

“I was really interested to see that something that’s not moving, on a wall, could stir up so much.”
Kathy Ryan

“I was really gobsmacked at where it brought me to, sitting and looking at it. I kind of questioned, if I was on my own…would I just pass it by? Or would I have given the time?
Kathy Ryan

“We could talk and give our opinion of what we thought of things and you weren’t a bit embarrassed. And no one would say, “Oh you’re wrong there.” Everybody had their own opinion.”
Seamus Cunningham



Azure Tours at IMMA


Azure Tours for Groups

We also offer Azure tours to Dementia Care facilities or Dementia Support Organisations who wish to bring groups to visit IMMA. Such tours can be specially arranged by contacting Caroline or Alice via email to [email protected] or telephone to 01 612 9955.

Bairbre-Ann Harkin

“Azure is about trying to create moments where, at least during the programme, people stop being ‘the person with dementia and their carer’ and, in some ways, go back to being husband and wife, mother and son, father and daughter, sister and brother.”

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