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Archive / Artist's Voice

This Book Has Two Authors: Creating Conservation Documentation for Dennis McNulty’s
‘I reached inside myself through time’

Caroline Carlsmith participated in Dr. Brian Castriota’s 2021 seminar on the conservation documentation of time-based media (TBM) art at the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York Univ...

by Caroline Carlsmith / Sun Apr 23rd, 2023
Artist's Voice / Artists

IMMAxDAS Artist Spotlight with Salvatore of Lucan

This IMMA Magazine is a transcribed interview between IMMAxDAS artist-in-residence, Salvatore of Lucan and his sister, writer Gabrielle Fullam, discussing about family, identity and painting the personal. ...

by Gabrielle Fullam / Sun Apr 23rd, 2023
Artist's Voice

Art Nomads respond to the IMMA Collection

“It is one of the marks of humanity and the only way to peace and the only way to co-existence in a fragile planet ecologically and in human terms, if we can develop the capacity to allow other cultures find...

by Art Nomads / Sun Jan 29th, 2023
Artist's Voice

Radiating Shadows – James Merrigan interviews Brian Teeling

In this magazine article, James Merrigan interviews Brian Teeling about what inspires and fuels his multidisciplinary practice.   Brian Teeling is an invited IMMA artist working in one of the four studios...

by James Merrigan / Sun Jan 22nd, 2023
Mediator's Voice / Performance Art

Witnessing ‘Yellow’ by Paola Catizone

In this magazine article visual artist Paola Catizone discusses 'Yellow' by Amanda Coogan, performed in 2021 as part of the IMMA exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now; Queer Embodiment.  Catizone...

by Paola Catizone / Sun Jan 15th, 2023
Artist's Voice / Uncategorized

‘Dance of Life’ – West Tallaght Women’s Textile Collective

Artist Wendy Cowan's work and teaching practices are firmly rooted in the processes of making and collaboration where care, labour, power, women’s and young people’s relationship to the state are made tangib...

by Wendy Cowan / Thu Dec 15th, 2022
Artist's Voice

IMMAxDean Artist Spotlight with Thaís Muniz

Earlier this year Thaís Muniz (TM) was invited to take up one of four studios generously gifted to IMMA by the Dean Art Studios on Chatham Row in Dublin’s City Centre. Joining this dynamic creative community...

by Thaís Muniz / Sun Dec 11th, 2022

The Art of Healing, a reflection by Dr Eimear Duff

A recent collaboration encouraged Non Consultant Hospital Doctors to immerse themselves in art and experience a world completely removed from work. ‘The Art of Healing’ event, a collaboration between IMMA...

by Dr Eimear Duff / Sun Oct 2nd, 2022
Artist's Voice

Navine G.Dossos presents ‘Kind Words Can Never Die’

Kind Words Can Never Die is a visually stunning new site-specific installation created by Navine G. Dossos for IMMA’s iconic 17th century Courtyard. Commissioned as part of IMMA Outdoors, Kind Words Can Neve...

by Navine G.Dossos / Thu Sep 15th, 2022
Collection / Uncategorized

Helio-a-go-go: Sarah Hayden reflects on Dennis McNulty’s installation ‘I reached inside myself through time’

Sarah Hayden is a writer and academic who is currently researching voice in art. Here she reflects on Dennis McNulty's installation I reached inside myself through time, a work from IMMA's collection that dr...

by Sarah Hayden / Sun Aug 28th, 2022
Commission / Mediator's Voice

‘Reflections on a Radical Plot’, Charlotte Salter-Townshend in conversation with Clodagh Emoe

In this article, Charlotte Salter-Townshend writes about the biodiversification of IMMA's artist in-residence Clodagh Emoe’s sited project Crocosmia ×. Reflections on a Radical Plot offers insights into the ...

by Charlotte Salter-Townshend / Tue May 31st, 2022
Performance Art


IMMA commissioned this magazine article by Dr Patricia Shaw on the occasion of the recent acquisition of Marie Brett’s new work Yes, But Do You Care? to the IMMA Collection. This work was made during Brett’s...

by Dr Patricia Shaw / Sun May 15th, 2022
Curator's Voice

Exhibition Design
The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now: The Anthropocene

Design plays an intricate and emotive role throughout the galleries of the museum-wide exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now. From raw red tones and icy cold blues to the textured surface of the han...

by Claire Walsh / Sun Mar 13th, 2022

IMMA | Irish Research Council Enterprise Postdoctoral Fellow Stephen O’Neill

Research is central to the work of IMMA and thanks to funding from the Irish Research Council, IMMA is benefitting from the knowledge of a number of research fellows. Dr Stephen O’Neill has been awarded an I...

by / Sun Nov 14th, 2021
IMMA Talks

IMMA Talks Online: A Reflection on Dr Sara Ahmed’s lecture, ‘Complaint, Diversity and Other Hostile Environments’

Screen Studies Scholar Dr Zélie Asava looks back at this seminal talk on diversity work in educational and cultural institutions, exploring Sara Ahmed’s latest book on the lived experiences of minority group...

by Dr Zélie Asava / Sun Jul 18th, 2021
Gallery Voices

IMMA International Summer School, ART AND POLITICS #3 containment

This year’s IMMA International Summer School focuses on the theme of containment and takes place online between 21 June and 9 July 2021. In this article Lisa Moran and Nathan O'Donnell outline this multi-ann...

by Lisa Moran & Nathan O'Donnell / Sun Jun 6th, 2021

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