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Learn & EngageSecondary Schools

Whether you are a formal learner, or just curious to find out more, we can help you to engage with creativity, conceptual thinking and cultural meaning at IMMA.

Secondary Schools

Book a free Guided Tour for your class. If you’d like to book a tour of selected artworks with our Visitor Engagement Team (VET), please email [email protected] Tours are available Tuesday to Friday and tour start times are 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am and 2:30pm. Tours are 45-minutes in duration. If you require further information on exhibitions or have other queries, please email: [email protected]

Secondary school teachers are very welcome to visit IMMA with their class groups any time during opening hours for a Self-Guided Visit. We would appreciate if you can email [email protected] to let us know when your group are intending to visit so that we can manage numbers safely in the gallery on the day.

IMMA can organise a 40 minute zoom call with a facilitator from our Visitor Engagement Team. Your class can explore an artwork or theme from our current exhibitions and talk to the VET facilitator about their responses and ideas. Contact [email protected] to schedule a zoom engagement, and contact [email protected] for more details.

There are a number of online resources and documents which can enable second-level students at school and at home to engage with IMMA digitally (scroll down page).

IMMA organises two Transition Year experiences during the academic year. Over the course of 4 days (Tue-Fri) TY students explore the museum, both the galleries and behind the scenes, discovering who works at IMMA, and what they contribute to IMMA’s activities. TY experiences are in October and early springs. Contact IMMA HR to apply: [email protected]

We have a number of exciting projects starting in late 2022 for second-level students. To stay up-to-date, subscribe by clicking here for our Mailing List and select Second Level Art Teachers. Alternatively, email [email protected] for more information.

Visit The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis

Book a guided tour of The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis. This major exhibition brings together a significant selection of works by The Otolith Group, the London-based artist collective founded in London in 2002 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun. The exhibition reflects the artists’ ongoing commitment to creating what they think of as ‘a science fiction of the present’ through images, voices, sonic images, sounds, and performance. The Otolith Group’s pioneering artworks which include films, videos and multiple screen installations address contemporary social and planetary issues, the disruptions of neo/colonialism, the way in which humans have impacted the earth, and the influence of new technology on consciousness. Xenogenesis is named after The Xenogenesis Trilogy, Octavia Butler’s title for her science fiction novels.

Visit The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now

Book a guided tour of the major museum-wide exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now. The exhibition celebrates IMMA’s 30th birthday and showcases the IMMA Collection and the history of the Museum since 1991. The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now is presented in four chapters, each one exploring the past three decades through different thematic approaches. The chapters are: Chapter One: Queer Embodiment (ended 15 May 2022): Chapter Two: The Anthropocene (ends 25 September 2022); Chapter Three: Social Fabric (ends 6 November 2022); Chapter Four: Protest and Conflict (ends December 2022). Video by Albert Hooi

Visit Social Fabric, Chapter Three of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now

Book a tour of Social Fabric, the third chapter of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now. Social Fabric positions textile and its histories at the heart of this exploration of the here-and-now. This chapter considers themes of globalisation, technology, labour, community and agency through artworks that engage with textile as commodity, material and craft. These ideas form pathways across the exhibition, from feminist work to heirlooms, woven acts of resistance to the relationship between weaving technologies and computer code. Proposing that ‘Textiles’ not only empowers through its frequently subverted association with the ‘tender crafts’, but also as a symbol of care, repair, heirloom of knowledge and self-sufficiency. The interconnected relationship of textile production and the development of computers and contemporary digital technologies is also explored. Works from IMMA’s Collection, including some of the earliest works acquired for the Collection by Maureen Connor, William Hogarth, Colin Middleton and Kathy Prendergast, are presented here alongside international loans by Ahree Lee and Ibrahim Mahama. Chapter Four: Protest and Conflict. Video by Albert Hooi

Visit Protest and Conflict, Chapter Four of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now

Book a tour of Protest and Conflict, the fourth chapter of the exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now. Protest and Conflict takes the IMMA Collection as a starting point to explore how artists have worked to subvert power and use art as a conduit for civil disobedience. This exhibition celebrates the contributions artists have made to protest as an act of resistance and assertion.

Royal Hospital, Kilmainham

IMMA is situated in the historic Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which includes a formal garden and large meadows, so there is plenty of space for outdoor exercise and a class picnic in the fresh air. There are numerous contemporary artworks situated around the grounds. For more information about the architecture and history of the Royal Hospital, see short video below. Group leaders/ teachers may want to optimise their day out, so it is useful to know that IMMA is walking distance from both Kilmainham Gaol and the National Museum of Ireland: Decorative Arts and History. There is also a paid car park to the rear of the main building. Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, a short video narrated by James Barry for Dublin City Public Libraries. 2 min 46 sec

Students & Teachers Resources

This resource is presented in three parts and provides information for second level students and teachers visiting an exhibition at IMMA. Between 2016 and 2021 this resource will focus on the IMMA Collection: Freud Project.


Part 1

Visiting an Exhibition
This PDF includes general information about visiting a museum or gallery, as well as information about IMMA in particular, including the sections: What is an art museum or gallery? What is a collection? What is a curator? Creating an exhibition: artworks, security, lighting, display, audience.

Download Part 1: Visiting an Exhibition (PDF)

Part 2

Information and resources about IMMA Collection: Freud Project
This document provides specific information to support students and teachers engaging with the IMMA Collection: Freud Project. The project is based on a five-year loan to IMMA of fifty-two artworks by Freud, widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest realist painters.

The document serves as a prompt for further thinking, discussion, research and making in response to the Freud Project. It was originally developed to support teachers and students engaging with the first exhibition as part of the Freud Project, which was on display from 21 October 2016 to 7 January 2018. That exhibition featured an overview of the loan to IMMA, including a selection of 30 of the Freud’s paintings, and 20 works on paper. The works, mainly dating from 1970 onwards, explore several of the artist’s key themes such as Portraiture; Self Portraiture; Still-life; Animals and Nature. This document can be used by teachers and students in conjunction with the notes below, which support a visit to the most recent exhibition as part of the Freud Project.

Download Part 2: IMMA Collection: Freud Project, 2016-2021 (PDF)

Part 3

Information and resources about IMMA Collection: Freud Project, Gaze, 2018 – 2019
This document provides information to support students and teachers before, during, and after a visit to the exhibition Gaze which is part of the IMMA Collection: Freud Project 2016-2021. The exhibition runs until 6 May 2019. Gaze features artworks by Lucian Freud alongside a selection of works by other artists from the IMMA Collection, including Stephan Balkenhol, Albrecht Dürer, Ann Hamilton, Rebecca Horn, Annie Leibovitz, Edward McGuire, Rembrandt, Thomas Ruff, and Hannah Starkey.

Download Part 3: IMMA Collection: Freud Project, Gaze, 2018-19 (PDF)

Resource Archive 


Resource Archive

Explore the online archive of second level resources, of exhibitions by artists Chloe Dewe Mathews, Patrick Scott, Eileen Gray, Alice Maher, Rivane Neuenschwander, Dorothy Cross, and Hélio Oiticica.

What is a Curator? Video Series

A series of videos about curation and exhibition:

1 An overview introduction to types of curator, exhibitions, museums
2 Developing the idea for an exhibition, theme, research
3 Preparation for exhibition, budget, securing loans, transport, condition reports
4 Installation, maintenance, lighting, safety, humidity, labels, texts, mediation
5  Audience engagement, tours, documentation, archiving, legacy

What Is_?

IMMA have produced the What is …? information programme, which explores key themes and issues in relation to modern and contemporary art, through a series of talks, information booklets and web-based resources. As part of this programme, a Glossary was created containing a select number of terms relating to the subjects of Modern and Contemporary Art. This glossary is not comprehensive or exhaustive and is intended to be informative rather than definitive. This glossary will be developed, amended and expanded over time.

Visit What Is_? programme & Glossary

IMMA Talks 


IMMA Talks

You can listen back to a selection of previous Talks by visiting our Soundcloud channel. IMMA has a dynamic talks programme with regular contributions from artists, historians and curators, all discussing underlying themes from the Exhibitions and Collection programmes at IMMA. Selected recordings are part of the IMMA Audio Archive in operation from 1991 to present.

The Notebook: a place for thinking

Des Ward, lecturer on IADT (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology) BA ART programme, talks about the role of the notebook as a research tool and ‘place for thinking’ for students and artists.