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Set within the context of the current exhibition A Vague Anxiety, Jennifer O’Donnell and Jonathan Janssens of the Berlin based architectural group plattenbaustudio, present an interactive workshop that seeks to explore questions of home and everyday in-habitation within the built environment of global and regional cities.

In a fast changing world where the idea of home as a safe space for refuge, untouched by external influences, is becoming less attainable – This drawing workshop explores both the complexity and necessities of how the human body occupies space, in the private and public realm. Taking their que from research developed while on a short Residency at IMMA, workshop participants will be invited to draw their own observations and imaginings, in tracing human movement and interaction across the building and site of IMMA.

Dedicated to the development of contemporary architectural drawing as a critical tool within art and society this workshop begins with a short introductory talk by plattenbaustudio on their working methodologies as presented in the IMMA galleries. This is followed by a collective drawing exercise led by plattenbaustudio that considers the importance of the user’s perspective in the creation of successful architecture, purposefully focusing on the everyday interaction between bodies and space.

Content and activities suitable for participants 18+.

About the Artist


plattenbaustudio is a young architecture and drawing studio, based in Berlin and founded by Irish architects Jennifer O'Donnell and Jonathan Janssens. The studio works at the intersection between the fields of art, architecture and academia, purposefully situating itself on the borders between these different areas of focus, and always investigating the in habitation of space as a fundamental, and influential aspect of human life.
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