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A day-long symposium on the work of Lucian Freud will take place in the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, on Saturday 7 September 2019. This symposium is part of an ongoing research partnership between the Department of the History of Art and Architecture in Trinity College Dublin and IMMA, in connection with the five-year project IMMA Collection: Freud Project 2016-2021.

The aim of the symposium is to explore and test out new ways to consider and critique Freud’s work, examining it in terms of adjacent cultural categories, conceived within a number of frameworks – period, subject, approach or medium. This symposium will showcase a range of new theoretical and historical approaches to Freud’s practice, with an intense focus on the body, its durational quality and its curious, usually implicit, relationship to certain strands of continental philosophy, particularly existentialism and phenomenology.

The programme will comprise of keynote presentations by international speakers alongside responses from local art researchers in which to offer a variety of perspectives. There will also be a focus on the contexts and connections through which Freud worked, his networks and the galleries, publications and patrons through which his work was supported and disseminated.

These interests continue and expand upon the research objectives of the IMMA Collection: Freud Project, which sets out to shed new light on Freud’s practice, with a five-year programme of prolonged public engagement with his work. It also builds upon the series of talks and panel discussions delivered over the past two years.

This symposium is free, but ticketed. All are welcome to attend. Booking lines open in June 2019, including programme details for the day. Please note this event takes place at Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin.

About the Artist

Lucian Freud 1922–2011

Lucian Freud (1922-2011) was one of the greatest realist painters of the 20th century. Renowned for his portrayal of the human form, Freud is best known for his intimate, honest, often visceral portraits. Working only from life Freud’s studio was intensely private and he mainly worked with those he was close to, often asking subjects to sit for hundreds of hours over multiple sittings to better capture the essence of their personality. — View Artist »

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