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Through multi-media installations comprising of video, painting, sculpture and printed matter, Bassam Al-Sabah’s work aims to convey visions of war, resistance and perseverance. Join the artist Bassam Al-Sabah and Claire Walsh, Collections, IMMA, for a gallery-based discussion that explores works in the exhibition A Fiction Close to Reality. This informal talk offers an introduction to the exhibition and the artist’s practice, which explores the relationship between fictional narratives and lived experiences in relation to war and childhood fantasies.

Al-Sabah’s work is deeply rooted in childhood memories of Bagdad, before moving to Dublin in 2004. This talk offers insight into processes of juxtaposing a diverse range of technologies and media including Arabic-dubbed Japanese anime with archival and CGI film, in expressing the dislocating effects of shifting from the past to the present, and from one culture to another.

This talk coincides with National Heritage Week 17 – 25 August 2019 ‘Pastime | Past Times’ in celebrating memories of childhood pastimes that help shape our engagement with art, culture and heritage.

About the Artist

Bassam Al-Sabah

Bassam Al-Sabah's work aims to convey visions of war, resistance and perseverance. He utilizes multi-media installation comprising of video, painting, sculpture and printed matter. His work is concerned with how the past is continually revised to meet the present, when the juvenile fantasy breaks down into the reality of adulthood.
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