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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland
Phone +353 1 6129900

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A Fiction Close to Reality presents artworks that engage with the human impulse to create order over our environments and thoughts. The title refers to a freedom of imagination that is rooted in the material of the everyday. The fictions called into play by the various works in the exhibition – whether performed, printed, painted, photographed or digitally reconstructed from memory – are fictions close to reality.

This group exhibition features works by Bassam Al-Sabah, Geta Brătescu, Barrie Cooke, Nalini Malani, Caroline McCarthy, Dennis Oppenheim, Mary Farl Powers, Betsabeé Romero and Richard Wentworth. Through various mediums the artists explore cycles of life and death, migration, materialisation and the erosion of materiality.

The exhibition will be expanded to include works by Caroline McCarthy and Richard Wentworth in May 2019