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This group exhibition from the IMMA Collection was developed in response to themes within the adjoining display of Janet Mullarney’s work. In both exhibitions the artists explore inner worlds as well as ideas of memory and inherited narratives. The works included look at how the past inhabits the present through stories and cultural traditions passed down from generation to generation. Featured artists include Bassam Al-Sabah, Geta Brătescu, Nalini Malani, Betsabeé Romero, Dennis Oppenheim and Mary Farl Powers.

The works presented create a dialogue between materialisation and erasure. From the traditional Mexican patterns appearing as shadows reflected on the wall in Betsabeé Romero’s work Amarillo al Cubo, to the continually emerging and dissolving figures of Nalini Malani’s video animation Stains. A display of prints and sculptures by Mary Farl Powers demonstrates her interest in lifecycles and decay, while Bassam Al-Sabah’s work explores the unreliability of memory as the result of trauma and exile.

The title hints at the connection between imagination and the everyday. Artistic expressions of inner worlds focus on the ways that real, physical space merges with our inner, intimate space, and becomes public as an artwork.

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