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Video. Brian O’Doherty, a new rope drawing at IMMA

Tue May 26th, 2015

“It (the work) forms itself and it dissolves itself as the viewer moves around the space. They find moments of clarity where everything just snaps into form and when they move away from that point then everything returns to a sort of chaos.” Christina Kennedy, Senior Curator

In this video, Christina Kennedy (Senior Curator, IMMA) provides an in-depth look at a new rope drawing by Brian O’Doherty. The work, entitled The doors to good and evil and the windows to heaven – Christina’s World, Rope Drawing No # 124, 2015, was created specifically for the IMMA space and is on display as part of the IMMA Collection exhibition ‘Fragments.’  Also included is a fascinating insight into the collaborative process between O’Doherty and Kennedy as they planned the work from the artists’ studio in New York.

Brian O’Doherty’s The doors to good and evil and the windows to heaven – Christina’s WorldRope Drawing No # 124, 2015, is on display as part of IMMA Collection: Fragments from 1 May to 26 July 2015.

See full video here.

Image: Brian O’Doherty, The doors to good and evil and the windows to heaven-Christina’s world, Rope Drawing # 124, March 2015, Site-specific installation, nylon cord, water-based house paint, Dimensions variable, Collection Irish Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Denis Mortell

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National Drawing Day 2015 at IMMA

Fri May 22nd, 2015
IMMA participated in National Drawing Day on 16 May 2015 with a free, all-ages drawing workshop. Helen O’Donoghue, Senior Curator and Head of Education and Community Programmes brings us a reflection on the event. In 1983, the artist Rob Smith (whose work is in the IMMA Collection) said of drawing that it is 'a way of relating oneself to the world. A cross-over of internal to external...Finding a place in which to sit in the jungle of contemporary living.' On Saturday 16 May 2015, IMMA was abuzz with people of all ages who were enthusiastically participating in a collaborative drawing as part of the National Drawing Day, an event which ran across 25 venues in Ireland. The invitation was to explore our primal need to draw and to engage with artwork, using our current IMMA Collection exhibition Fragments as a starting point. Each individual was given a hexagonal shaped piece of drawing paper and a range of pencils from soft to hard. They were then sent to explore IMMA’s galleries and grounds to find something that interested them and then make a drawing. The interpretation of drawing was very open from mark-making to illustration, with every mark authentic to the person who made it. On completion, each individual was invited to add his or her hexagon to the collab...