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Create an architectural mini-monument from cardboard and then draw it monumentally!

Look around where you live, find some scraps of cardboard, and tear and bend them. Prop them up on top of each other—stick them together with sticky-tape or glue if you have it. Think of architecture like the Guggenheim in Bilbao, all awkward corners and wavy shapes. Your sculpture might be about 20 to 30 centimetres high.

Get a large sheet of paper—it could be brown paper, wallpaper lining, newspaper white paper. It needs to be big. Make it at least A1 size. Stick smaller sheets of paper together with masking tape if necessary.

Draw your sculpture as if it was a large monument. It’s best if you use soft materials like charcoal, oil pastel, ink and wash. Additionally, you could add paint to your drawing.

Create a scene, light it, photograph and draw it …

In this second project, find a box or make a box from cardboard. You want to get or create a shape that’s slightly larger than a shoe box and not too deep.

Stand it on its side with the open top facing you, like a stage.

Create a scene by cutting-out shapes of trees, houses, people, stars, the moon, whatever, and arrange them in the box as if the box was a mini-set for a play. This works best if the interior of the box and the cut-outs are white the box could be painted with house paint for example. The cut-outs will need tabs to stand up.

Get a very small torch (like the one on a phone) and shine it from the back or just into the scene. Lovely shadows and dramatic contrasts should appear depending where you shine the torch. Take photos close-up, focus on one or two elements in your scene.  You might need someone help hold the torch as you take photographs. The photos should be have lots of contrast between light and dark, and a variety of greys. You can use these photographs as a basis to make charcoal drawings or tonal paintings.

Finally, please share your artworks with us using the hashtag #IMMAArtTeens

This Teens at Home art activity was developed by artist Felicity Clear.