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Shifting Ground examines aspects of Irish art of the last 50 years through the eyes of five critics and commentators on the visual arts, who have had a variety of involvements in the Irish art context in each of the past five decades. The selectors are Bruce Arnold, Dorothy Walker, Oliver Dowling, Medb Ruane and Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith.

Working closely with the Museum, the selectors have identified works which, for them, were key in each of the past five decades, taking account of works already in IMMA’s Collection. Works are also drawn from other public collections, from private collectors and directly from artists’ studios.

The exhibition comprises painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, tape/slide and installation works and includes works by Jack B. Yeats, Patrick Hennessy, Barrie Cooke, William Scott, Robert Ballagh, Felim Egan, Brian Maguire, Dorothy Cross, Willie Doherty and Siobhan Hapaska among others.

Shifting Ground is speculative rater than definitive in nature, articulating the shifting ground of Irish art over the period and reflects the extent to which, even the term, Irish art, has to take on new meanings and dimensions, as indeed has Irish society over the last 50 years.