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Workshops with Artist Thaís Muniz

Dates: Thursday 29 June, 27 July and 24 August 2023

Time: 17:30 – 20:30

Inner Space of a Future Memory is a work-in-progress by artist Thaís Muniz, it is composed of a workshop and conversations followed by the collective construction of a performance and an installation based between the IMMA studios and the formal garden. It’s a place to explore collectively the various notions of joy, memory, identity and healing, thinking about restorative processes based on subjectivities of communal and personal aspects inspired by ancestral expertise from Brazil, West and Central Africa, and Ireland.

Reflecting on dimensions of the self and community, through both memory and the future, the collective will enact a space to recognise the importance of enchantment and empiricism in daily life. Inner Space of a Future Memory is a space that foresees unexpected dialogues and approximations, exchange of experiences, and knowledge through the sacredness of meanings and values through memories, words and objects shared and created by the participants.

Working on the notions of home, ancestry, continuity, choice, belonging, assimilation and replacement vs displacement, the workshops will be a platform to invite the participants’ inputs towards the performance and installation to create rituals towards inward love.

The artist asks participants to bring a piece of textile that is meaningful to them e.g., it could be clothing, a table cloth or a scarf. The textile should have symbolic meaning representing home, healing or peace.

Muniz will work with groups of no more of 20 per workshop to create visual and conceptual representations of ancestry, inherited identities, and constructed identities, proposing to align participants inner spaces with the place they want to be and live in the future.

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Limited places for workshops are available through the booking link provided above. When each monthly workshop is complete places will be made available for the following months workshop.

Workshop Structure:

Each workshop will commence at 17:30. The first half of the workshop, from 17:30 – 19:00, is a private event between the artist and the gathered community scheduled to take place in studio 12. From 19:00 – 20:30 the studio doors will open and activities will proceed to the formal gardens for a public presentation of Inner Space of a Future Memory.

One workshop per participant recommended

More Information

New Atlantic Triangulation is the name of Thaís Muniz’s ongoing research which explores and delves deeper into reflections on healing through the lenses of home, memory, identity, and mental health. New Atlantic Triangulation is a term that encompasses the intersection of her artistic practices with her personal experience as a Black Brazilian woman of mixed African heritage, who has recently acquired Irish citizenship.

Brazil, West and Central Africa, and Ireland: each side of this triangulation has deep knowledge of aligning intuition with nature, spirituality and self-strengths, as well as cultural erasure and migration, all caused by colonial oppression.

The convergences Muniz traces act as mechanisms of comfort, cure and hacking of systems that can serve as a reminder of a loss of joy. How general anxiety and numbness can affect those who left, those who arrived, and those who stayed, becoming highly productive humans who blocked access to ancestral cosmogonies and technologies. Here, Muniz intends to connect these three territories through her body as a living archive, mapping possibilities of existing and reimagining realities with drops of rebelliousness towards grace.

Muniz is interested in investigating how she can use this triangulation as a mechanism for personal and collective healing. Exploring how to create mythical territories, just like Hy-Brasil*, and how to establish real spaces for enchantments and empiricism. What are the superpowers acquired and detached from people who experience migration? Muniz has been deepening her questions on the sense of home, the notions of territories, replacement and mental health according to these territorial triangulations and the false notions of choice historically offered by capitalism.

* According to Irish mythology, a legendary phantom island called Hy-Brasil is believed to exist in the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland. It is said to be shrouded in mist and visible only one day every seven years, yet it remains inaccessible to those seeking it.