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As part of IMMA Nights – Art Multi Brazil are invited to host a Sarau session in The People’s Pavilion. Sarau can be understood as a space of exchange, dialogue, and interaction between artists and audience, in which the artistic process is present during the session, allowing for a unique connection between artists and audience.

A Sarau is a space of exchange between people interested in making art. It is a Brazilian tradition that usually begins with someone offering their home to host the group. The cozy atmosphere of being at home gives the artists and participants the confidence to feel free to recite and perform unpublished works and works in progress. 

The Sarau can be understood as a space of exchange, dialogue, and interaction between artists and audience, in which the artistic process is present during the session, allowing for a unique connection between artists and audience. 

This Sarau will have visual art, stage performances, and music, as well as creative writing readings both in Portuguese and English. Audience members are invited to share their creative work – the sky is the limit when it comes to what form this can take. The vibe of exchange and active listening is what’s most important. 

To adapt this Sarau to IMMA, a host, representing the typical owner of the house in which a Sarau occurs, will act as MC for the session, bringing together the artists and participants. 

Bring your sketches, drafts, and your willingness to experience this special evening! 

About ArtMulti Brazil

ArtMulti Brazil are an artistic collective based in Ireland with about a hundred professionals from different artistic backgrounds such as visual arts, performers, dancers, writers, musicians, and more. They aim to create greater opportunities to showcase artists and exchange information about the Irish cultural scene. ArtMulti Brazil are currently working on improving their online platform to make it easier for those interested in their products and services. 

For more information visit the ArtMulti Brazil website and social media pages


Marcela Bannitz is a cultural producer, performer, and creative writer with fifteen years of experience, graduated in Performing Arts at the University of Sao Paulo and specializing in Cultural Incentive Laws. Based in Ireland since 2018 she developed projects in partnership with the Five Lamps Arts Festival and Mother Tongues and in Brazil she be part of theatres and dances ensembles, reaching a feature film as an actress. She seeks to create a bridge between creative processes and project management in an innovative way, with a keen eye for social causes. 

Chiara Rucks is a Brazilian art curator who graduated from the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. Chiara has eight years of experience working in the cultural sector in Brazil, where she was manager of the museum’s sector at the Geographic and Historical Institute of Bahia. She moved to Dublin in 2018, where she has been working as an independent art curator for festivals and organizations. She created the art group called Artmulti Brazil which has 110 associated artists at the moment. Their main objective is to promote networks between artists of different nationalities.  

The Team

Adriana Ribeiro is a producer and writer and is currently developing a play “On The Edge”, which makes us reflect on fear and bureaucracy in society. She has a degree in Tv and Film production and won her first award as the producer of the short doc “Libre – The Celebration of the queer body”. She has published her poems in the collection “Thirty Two Kilos [An Anthology Brazil-Irland], by Urutau publisher; and in the “FLARE” zines, organized by “The Sunflower Sessions.” She also has been included in the virtual library “Como eu escrevo – How Do I write in free translation” a project that gathers Brazilians writers and their work. 

Carla Octaviano Monte Rey is a Brazilian journalist that has been living in Ireland since 2018. She worked for 23 years in different positions at tv stations in Brazil and decided to move abroad to have a new experience in her life. She is 47 and she loves to read, travel, write poetry and make friends.  

Fernanda Ferrari is a multidisciplinary artist with an extraordinary passion for inspiring children to experiment with art and use creativity as a transformation tool. She is an art facilitator working on special projects with Mother Tongues and as a performer has been part of important Festivals. Currently, she is working on a multicultural show for early years children supported by the South-Dublin County Council Arts Office through the Individual Artist Bursary Award and by Mother Tongues. In 2021, and recently in 2022, she was awarded by the ARTS COUNCIL the Young People, Children, and Education Bursary Award to study puppetry theatre and integrate her experience with different mediums to develop an original live and virtual show. 

 Gianda Oliveira is a Brazilian photographer who lives in Dublin for 4 years. She loves the city and its atmosphere. She always seeks to capture the connection between people and Dublin. Gianda is a journalist too and worked for around 15 years as a reporter and TV presenter in Brazil. The journalistic work of portraying the reality of the facts was essential for her to develop an accurate look at everyday observation.  That’s why she loves to photograph life happening on the streets. 

Glauber Andorinha is a Brazilian writer, poet and an artivist, sailing over the clouds, transmuting fantasy into reality. 

Isa Maravilha is a photographer and DJ, mixing different musical styles from Indie to Brazilian music. Discos as a DJ since 2015, between Brazil and Italy. Passionate about travelling and music concerts, besides coffee in her spare time.  

Lino Bento I’m graduated in literature and I worked in theatre art research, dance, music and poetry in a Theatre Company called “Nuclearte” from 2014 to 2019 where I could develop artistic creations aimed to explore body, text, music and multicultural branches.  

Matheus Lima I’m a filmmaker from São Paulo, Brazil, living in Dublin for the last 3 years. Since childhood I have enjoyed cartoons and movies, and from an early age I wondered who were the creative minds behind all those fantastic audio-visual works. This fascination led me to studying Digital Design and since then I have been working in the industry for over 10 years. Now, I’m interested in making films and documentaries telling stories and showing how I see the World. 

Marcelo Ortega With a precise technique and strong feeling, DJ Ortega conquered his space with well-made sets of Latin, Jazz, Funky, Disco, Electronic – which brings the audience to ecstasy and makes a dance floor boil. Throughout its 14 years dedicated to the art of discotheque, the deejay has played in great festival, clubs and pubs like: Electric Picnic, Wigwam, Tengu, Izakaya, Skol Beats Factory, Hot Hot, Vegas, A Lôca, Sonique, Club A and Hole Club. I’m A Disco Dancer and Baile are the projects that DJ Ortega has already idealized. And, with all his talent and sympathy, Ortega only tends to do much more and brings even more energy to this scene. 

Miren-Maialen My name is Miren-Maialen, I am originally from the Basque City of Donostia.I currently work with languages and communication. I enjoy travelling, dancing and I also love cycling. I am also a pianist and capoerista.I have a passion for sustainability. I love writing and have participated in various projects related to women and migration such as the Inspired Migrant Women Project and the Stories of Lockdown. I always love meeting new people and connecting with them, especially when the talk is about arts, culture, dance and music. 

Nina Mendes NINA MENDES has a long history in theater and film performance, directing, production and screenwriting. She is currently the CEO of her company Ní Mendes Film & Theater Productions in Ireland where she has courses for actors with her camera 1,2 and 3, and Theater 1,2 and 3, and One to One courses for cameras and Motions for Theater, in partnership with Seda School in Dublin. 

Renato da Cunha has been a Dublin-based illustrator since 2015. His style is influenced by abstract expressionism, collage and pop art.  His illustration describes Dublin as the city of the pints, joy and diversity. With a colorful and happy perception, his artwork points out the Irish architecture in a unique way mixed with his daily routine experience. His artwork has been exhibited in Brazil, Ireland and Portugal. 

Santaelza is a singer- songwriter from São Paulo, Brazil based in Dublin. His music is a fusion of rhythms and sounds incorporating his Brazilian traditional influences with world music. He recently launched his latest EP “Chá das sete” which is available now. 

Thaiz Bechara is a journalist and Client delivery Analyst that has been living in Ireland since 2019. She has an Instagram profile (@vivendo_na_irlanda) where she shows us many things about how is the way of life in Ireland and its’ curiosities. Market’s discounts, where to eat, what’s on, and what are the differences between Brazilian and Irish traditions. She loves Irish people and she is glad to be on Emerald Island. 

Sara Ribeiro is Brazilian by birth, and Irish by heart. Disabled and queer woman, she writes about her deepest secrets and believes that words can heal.