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IMMA welcomes back Dublin Digital Radio (ddr) to co-present a showcase of Alternating Current artists, past and future. Alternating Current is the annual electronic and sound art festival run by ddr. Invited artists performing on the evening include Dreamcycles and BlackMagicRawr who performed in Alternating Current 2021 and 2022 respectively and Soria set to perform this year. The programme at IMMA brings together artists whose work foregrounds a hybrid of sonic acts and visual forms, to present a current of sounds, from electronic vocals to field recordings, folklore, ethereal music compositions and melodic beats.  

IMMA is delighted to join forces with ddr once again for this special live performative radio show; in celebration of artists’ networks that converge in communal spaces of the city and across the airwaves, featuring artists and producers that each are an exhaustive experimenter, in their own right. Join us for a rich mix of otherworldly sonic acts and performance that riffed off the haunting atmospheres of IMMA’s Courtyard, as Alternating Current: Past and Future artists ground the body and listening community in the specificity of place, time, space, and stillness. 

To listen to the hybrid radio show broadcast from 6.30-8.30pm visit 

Dublin Digital Radio (ddr)

Dublin Digital Radio (ddr) is an entirely volunteer run online digital radio station, platform and community, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Founded in 2016, ddr now has over 175 residents delving deep into the various currents of music, art, politics & culture happening on the island of Ireland and beyond. ddr is independent, not for profit and survives thanks to its members, supporters, regular fundraising events and the dedication of its volunteer team, residents and community.

Alternating Current festival is returning with two days of programming on the 27 – 28 of October 2023. Since it’s inception, it has provided a seminally important platform for Irish electronics musicians to share their work in the middle of our capital city. The entire festival, and Dublin Digital Radio in general, is run by volunteers. For more details click here.

About Artists

BlackMagicRawr are an Afro futuristic sonic group with a key focus on grounding the body and re-energizing stillness. Having performed in Goethe, DFF, The complex and now IMMA they seek to enjoy the delights of a group breath and sigh out the grief of Dublin’s permeating rot. BLACKMAGICKRAWR is made of Osaro, Renn and Cami with support from GoldMothMedia.

Dreamcycles writes and produces vocally driven electronic music in Dublin. Her transportive live sets evoke intimate atmospheres which flow between ambient and euphoric territories, weaving contemporary pop motifs into experimental formats and narrated soundscapes. She collaborates with local peers on numerous musical projects spanning genres of pop, rock, noise and experimental. Her most recent personal projects pay attention to ways in which memory and knowledge are mediated through sounds, images and folklore relating to water. She has performed her music across locations and venues such as the Unitarian Church, IMMA, the Museum of Modern Literature, Visual Carlow, the Pepper Canister Church, The m50 underpass, The National Concert Hall, Cork City Gaol, City Assembly House, the Douglas Hyde Gallery, the Complex Dublin, the Roundy Cork, the Cobblestone pub and more. For more details visit the artist website, and soundcloud.

Soria‘s music expresses a heady emotional power through minimal instrumentation, voice and field recordings. Drawing inspiration from a rich canon of ethereal music and literary sources, and writing music primarily for the context of live performance, her body of work sounds a beating heart of diaristic vulnerability and specificity of place, obfuscated through a widescreen expanse of layered vocals and drones.”