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Eric Glavin is a multi-media artist from Canada and a founding member of the Toronto based collective Painting Disorders. He is currently working primarily with computer generated imagery in the form of large scale light- jet and ink- jet prints. Erics recent work is based on facades of contemporary and modernist buildings and has incorporated references to neo- Georgian townhouses, as well as "Big- Box" warehouses, council estate housing, public schools, and office towers. The unifying factor behind his interest in each of these building types is their use of standard rectilinear structure which, when seen from formal perspective draws certain parallels to the rectilinear structure of the canvas- acting as a neutral ground over which various abstract elements can be arranged in a nearly infinite  amount of ways. While at IMMA- in addition to working on other projects- Eric will be documenting various housing estates in and around Dublin, both old and new. Eric will explore the on-going relationship between architecture, the utopian aspirations of an affluent society and the marginalised communities existing within that society.

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