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Alien Embodiments is a body based, movement oriented out-reach programme proposed by artists/thinkers/educators Alice Feldman and Rajinder Singh in response to the exhibition The Otolith Group, Xenogenesis.

Alien Embodiments

Led by artists/thinkers/educators Alice Feldman and Rajinder Singh in response to the exhibition The Otolith Group, Xenogenesis, Alien Embodiments engages both online and in person with the projects of The Otolith Group and IMMA through two interconnected focuses: in relation to viewer experiences of The Otolith Group  Xenogenesis, and using the occasion of the exhibition as a lab for cultivating and mobilising principles, pedagogies and practices that speak to the possibilities and demands of pluriversality and ‘worlds otherwise’.

Alien Embodiments proceeds through two loosely coupled yet interwoven strands: Guide and The Bureau of Decolonial AestheSis.

Through the processes of critical self and collective reflexivity, Guide will create and choreograph ‘productively uncomfortable encounters’ through which participants may develop their capacities to ‘receive’ and generatively engage with the embodied knowledges of O/others in the pluriverse. Where they can do this work so they are able to ‘do The Work’.

The Bureau, by convening an interconnected collective that focuses on collaborative interrogation and knowledge-making, will nurture decolonising praxes to fertilise the wider grounds of re-existence.

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About the contributors

Alice Feldman and Rajinder Singh

Alice and Rajinder have been working together since 2019 with a central focus on cultivating practices of critical self-reflexivity as foundations for individual and collective decolonial praxes of thinking, being and doing ‘otherwise’. They have collaborated on a series of Labs – Interculturality (youth circus workers) and Solidarity, including an initial experimental pilot with masters students and later a workshop for the 2021 IMMA annual Summer School.

These projects, in turn, informed their creation of a visual arts- and body-based pedagogy for a semester-long undergraduate course, Solidarities Power Difference.

Rajinder Singh came to Alien Embodiments as a choreographer and movement based artist. His work is in the national permanent collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Glucksman Museum and the Arts Council of Ireland. He is the Artist-in Residence, MA Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies, University College Dublin with Dr Alice Feldman since 2019. Rajinder is a member of artist collective Art Nomads and a member of Temple Bar Artist Studios and Gallery.

Following two decades of working in Ireland at the intersections of aesthetics, epistemology and pedagogy both in and outside of the university, the MA that Alice Feldman established in the School of Sociology had been running for two years when she and Rajinder began their work together. At the centre of the programme are decolonial experiments around embodied knowledges, pluriversality and re-existence.