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Process Room, 23.11.08- 11.01.09

Two dialogues from Charlotte Moth’s practice are currently on show in the Process Room. The first comes in the form of The Travelogue displayed here as a selection of photographs printed at various sizes. The Travelogue, as a collection of images, functions as an underlying framework begun nearly 10 years ago for the purpose of pooling a range of intuitive and divergent interests.  As an image bank this collection contains photographs of architectural spaces from a growing range of countries within Europe and further afield. These spaces range from urban to leisure locations and reveal, in various manifestations explorations dependant on a personal encounter and reading of place. The current selection of images displayed focuses on Moth’s activities while resident at IMMA, a number of the images on show have been taken both locally and further afield within Ireland.

The second piece showing is Lost and Found, 2006. In this photo film there are a series of images with intervals of blackness, simultaneously there is a voice over throughout by the artist Derek Hampson, describing thoughts and obervations triggered by the images. The description during the video does not necessarily correlate to the images that are on the screen, it just starts off this way. Here a verbal description has the possibility to relate to a number of images, revealing how the discrepancy between an image and a description creates and experience of residue over one another. The blackness of the screen can be rich in imagery. An image somethimes can act to destroy the ability of imagining something beyond.

In the Process Room Lost and Found acts as a device to access and develop a potential reading of The Travelogue presented on the wall opposite. They are the basis of a group of photographs that Moth will give to two people that have agreed to respond to her images, in order to expand and develop upon a train of thought triggered through the making of Lost and Found. This research, which deals fundamentally with unknown outcomes, will become the basis for generating new digital film works.

Previous exhibitions for Moth include Threealities, Unosonove, Rome,2008. Two of a kind, (solo) at Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart. Lo Sfumato, Sarninia. Travelogue at One in the other, London. Carte Blanche à Charlotte Moth, Gallery Lucile Corty, Paris; Pavillon 7, Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Past residencies include Le Pavillon, Paris and researcher in Fine Art at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, NL. Recent awards include Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.

This exhibition was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

For a printable version of this information please download the following document Charlotte Moth: potential narratives (Word doc 2000 – 281KB)

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About the Artist

Charlotte Moth

Since 1999 Charlotte Moth has developed a photographic Travelogue that uncovers an itinerancy concerned with a phenomenological reading of architectural spaces.
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