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Holding on to nothing

Fri Jun 10th, 2016

We recently invited artist Teresa Gillespie to respond to a current IMMA exhibition by influential Italian artist Carol Rama (1918 – 2014) entitled; The Passion According to Carol Rama (IMMA Main Galleries until 1 August 2016). An excerpt from Teresa’s response is below, and the full text can be be read by clicking through to the PDF below. Teresa will also perform as part of Listen, Hissen, Hessin!, a one-night roving soundscape taking place within the Carol Rama exhibition at IMMA on Wednesday 22 June 2016.

When something is cut, something flows.
When Rama speaks, she cuts her own flows, turns left, does u-turns, spins round. She produces disorientation and disperses herself. She’s not going here or there, not becoming this or that. I wake up with the words ‘freedom to be no one’ in my head, from the Xenofeminisim Manifesto. But I misremember the words, which actually read, ‘the right of everyone to speak as no one in particular.’ I’m jealous of Rama’s loose tongue, how it splits and twists through contradictions. She practices the freedom of detachment. There is nothing to hold on to. She drops a thought as quickly as she picks up another one. The story goes that because there are so many stories, Rama is a secret onto herself, but perhaps Rama’s secret is a hole.
I’m a doughnut. Eat my flesh.

Read more of Teresa’s response here. Please note this text includes language which may not be suitable for younger readers.

Teresa Gillespie is an artist based in Dublin. She works across a number of mediums including sculpture, video, sound and text. Recent solo projects include ‘moot’ ArtBox, Dublin (2015); ‘below explanation (clocks stop at 3pm and existence continues)’, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford (2015); and ‘return to the borderland bends’, John Jones Project Space, London (2014). She has exhibited in numerous group shows in Ireland and internationally, and undertaken artist residencies such as Frankfurter Kunstverein Deutsche Borse Program.
The Passion According to Carol Rama is at IMMA from 24 March – 1 August 2016.


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Niamh O'Malley's Memorial Gardens: A reflection piece

Sat Apr 2nd, 2016
What can we ascertain of the human gaze and the shadow it casts? Or of memory, that diaphanous veil that shrouds even the most vibrant recollections? Niamh O'Malley's Memorial Gardens (2008) draws on a place potent with remembering to literalise the act of looking, the residue left by even the most cursory glance. Aligning a projection with an oil painting, the work sees these disparate materials temporarily fuse in a hovering, ethereal composite. The moment they come apart underscores the constructed, illusory nature of the image, the memorial itself, and the fabrication entailed by the act of looking. What we see is an oil painting on an aluminum surface overlaid with a video projection of the Memorial Gardens. The observational footage is in itself unremarkable but serves to generate a sense of dailiness, of bodies passing through this sequestered space and occupying it as they would any other. Every seven minutes and twenty-two seconds there are two white flashes, the silent projection fades to white and the painting is revealed. It is a tonal work of the gardens themselves, devoid of colour and human ephemera. It is stark, unapologetically solid, and it lasts only a few moments before the projection begins again. Charged as the Memorial Gardens are with the ethic...