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IMMA presents We realised the power of it, an exhibition-project by Sara Greavu and Ciara Phillips dealing with the history and archive of the radical film collective, Derry Film and Video Workshop. This installation of archive material includes footage, photographs and documents that trace a history of the workshop, exploring concerns with gender, class, collective organising, the Irish ‘national question’ and the legacies of imperialism.

The Derry Film and Video Workshop, established in 1984 was a women-led film production company formed under the terms of the 1982 Workshop Declaration, which also sustained projects such as the Black Audio Film Collective and Sankofa Film and Video Collective. Largely omitted from the histories of these regional/minority/Black-British/diaspora workshops as well as from records of feminist counter-cinema, the DFVW explored overlapping political tensions, radical self-representation and resistance and offered a nuanced depiction of these complex forces at work in the specific context of Derry.

Originally co-commissioned with EVA International, as part of Little did they know, the Guest Programme of the 39th EVA International, curated by Merve Elveren.

'It’s not for you we did it'


'It’s not for you we did it'

The project, It’s not for you we did it 1, began through an interest in the work of Derry Film and Video Workshop2 (DFVW). In the process of researching DFVW and talking with former members of the collective and the broader community, a picture began to emerge of the complex web of relationships and conditions that fostered its formation: of the groups and movements that were the precursors to DFVW and of the impacts that DFVW had, in turn, on subsequent political and cultural projects. The dossiers in 'It’s not for you we did it' will touch on some of the converging factors that created both the urgency and space for DFVW to be established and sustained.