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Three is an exhibition of works by three leading artists from the IMMA Collection, Maria Simonds-Gooding, Charles Brady and Callum Innes. This exhibition is the first in a new strand of programming that presents three artists in solo displays from IMMA’s Collection. The exhibition features works across some 30 years from three different generations of artists of varying nationality, juxtaposing works in a variety of media, yet united by a shared sensibility. The intention is to offer an extended experience of each artist’s work and process on its own terms, but with the potential for that experience to be made more meaningful by the proximity of the other two displays.

Charles BradyCallum Innes, Exposed Painting, Charcoal Grey/Yellow Oxide/Asphalt, 1999, oil on cavas, 217.5 x 207.5 cm, Purchase, 1999, Collection Irish Museum of Modern ArtMaria Simonds-Gooding, Earth Shelters II, 2007, Crushed clay on brushed steel, 84 x 113 cm, On Loan from the artist

Three reflects the diversity and richness of IMMA’s Collection, presenting a range of work by living artists at various points in their career as well as marking the unique expression of one of Ireland’s most respected painters, the late Charles Brady. The physical frame for the exhibition is the architectural setting of the three adjoining spaces of the Gordon Lambert Galleries. The conceptual frame is the consideration of each artist’s work and process through works in IMMA’s Collection together with works drawn from the artists themselves or other collections. Each space focuses on an individual artist, yet is open enough to allow for a flow of readings and comparisons between each artist with possible, and maybe unexpected parallels, and encounters between works emerging. Installed in this way, the exhibition allows each artists work to be observed over a period of time in an intimate enviroment with a new perspective.

The display of Charles Brady’s works from IMMA’s Collection is greatly enhanced by the generous loan to IMMA of eight of Brady’s paintings by the National Gallery of Ireland.

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We would like to advise our visitors that our Main Reception area is closed for renovation from 22 April until mid-June.  A temporary reception is open on the ground floor next to the original main entrance. While we prepare to open our next exhibition Hilary Heron: A Retrospective on 24 May, there are two exhibitions to see Derry Film & Video Workshop and Self: Determination: Artists Commissions. IMMA’s gardens and café are open to the public.