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Process Room,  19.09.06- 01.10.06

 Thessia Machado, perimeter, Spaced, Process Room, IMMA, 2006 Thessia Machado, perimeter, Spaced, Process Room, IMMA, 2006   

2 dvd projections, 12 drawings and a sound loop

A space is perceived by its boundaries.  By looking at the walls, ceiling and floor, (effectively outside the space), we understand its dimensions and how they relate to our bodies.  The piece perimeter started with tracing of the edges of the floor with the back of a brush found in the studio.  This action generated a sound that was, in turn, used as a guide to create the series of drawings.  As the speed of the drawing slowed down to stay within the boundaries of the paper, the relationship between time and space was reversed.

2 sound loops, 2 lists

Every object found in the studio was measured for length and width.  These numbers were then input into a frequency generator.  The tones were manipulated over time disclosing unexpected rhythms and interactions among the formerly static objects.  The admittedly arbitrary translation of data from centimeters to Hz points to the limitations of our senses and the latent possibility of alternative interpretations of stimuli.

With a playful approach to technology Thessia Machado’s work lavishes high-resolution on some definitely low-tech elements.  Reflecting an interest in the behavior of humble materials in odd situations, her work exploits the margins of perception and the conventions of language.  Machado grew up in Brazil and now lives and works in New York.  Machado’s work has been exhibited in New York, Florida, Amsterdam and Paris, and she has participated in residencies at Vermont Studio Center and The Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida. In 2005 Machado was a recipient of fellowships from The Bronx Museum and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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About the Artist

Thessia Machado

Thessia Machado is a Brazilian artist living and working in New York.  Her work explores the integration of materials through installation and digital animations.
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