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This new short film, titled The Supremacy of Mathematical Dreaming, by film director Julie Weber takes its departure from the live outdoor work, Night Shift by artist Liliane Puthod, at IMMA. Connecting both Weber and Puthod’s interest in circadian rhythms, the film explores how the experience of environments becomes heightened and strange at night, under a combined cloak of darkness and exhaustion.

Weaving elements from Puthod’s research into the uncanny experience of a night-guard worker at IMMA, inspired by a 19th century drawing, Weber captures a surreal and absurd journey traced through the museum grounds. By constructing a familiar, yet non-linear pilgrimage, the film evokes dream-like sensations through abrupt teleportations and pareidolic visuals.

Weber responds to Jean Epstein’s theory of rhythm, whereby a film work epitomises new types of movements and rhythmic behaviours as a reaction against everyday ever-changing modernisations. In this way, The Supremacy of Mathematical Dreaming examines the development of our now 24- hour days and evolved nocturnal communities – both in physical form and beyond.

 The Supremacy of Mathematical Dreaming (2023) was commissioned by IMMA as part of IMMA Nights 2022–2023.

 Night Shift (2022) by artist Liliane Puthod was commissioned by IMMA for Culture Night 2022 as part of A Radical Plot Residency.

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About the Filmmaker

Julie Weber is a visual artist, film director, and lecturer. She examines concepts of being and becoming, creating moving image and performance works, textiles, and sound compositions. Her work merges hand-made and technological methodologies to create mutated and self-reflexive forms. Through the making of these forms, Weber embraces the potential for new realities, employing speculative fiction, site and environment, and a process of relentless, rhythmic behaviour.

Since 2017, Weber has been creating moving image and audio compositions, collaborating with artists such as Æ MAK, Holly Munro, Fears, ANDI and Thumper, among others. Other recent projects include ‘Fensive’ at iidrr gallery, New York (2023), Screenings at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg (2023), ‘Hek Hek Hoo’ a collaboration with RHA Kids for IPUT’s Living Canvas at Wilton Park (2023). She was Multimedia Artist in Residence at Dublin City University (2022) and a recipient of the Agility Award from the Arts Council (2021). A lecturer in Moving Image, across Design and Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Weber has a postgraduate degree in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin (2021) and an MFA in Digital Art from NCAD, Dublin.

Julie Weber website

About Night Shift by Liliane Puthod

Night Shift by Liliane Puthod

An outdoor journey through the dreamy landscapes of IMMA, Night Shift was a late-night event challenging our circadian rhythm and our common experience of visiting an exhibition. This slow experience of touring the IMMA Grounds in a land train brought participants through the landscape where sited histories and Collection works were framed by some eerie interventions along the way. Night Shift was inspired by a drawing made in the 19th Century of a night guard at Kilmainham asleep during their shift, they have a note in their hand which reads ‘ENNUI’, in the composition the guard dreams out fanciful scenarios taking place on the Grounds.

Liliane Puthod website