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Process Room, 29.03.05- 10.04.05

 Susanna Bluhm, Pool Support, New Drawings, Process Room, IMMA, 2005 Susanna Bluhm, U Little Red, New Drawings, Process Room, IMMA, 2005

“I work on drawings fairly quickly, with little time between decisions about what to do next, whether I am planting a tidal wave on top of a sandy splotch of paint or making a little mound of breasts next to Spanish-inspired architecture. So, by working this way, it is not until the group of work is done that I can see how the different components of the drawings communicate together.

My work has been influenced by living in Dublin, in the color choices I’ve made and with the inclusion of new imagery that, to me, is characteristic of Dublin. Bricks of varying color and size balance on top of each other to witness the weather, to support a pipe with fire coming out, or to crumble.

I traveled to the southern part of Spain in February, so this work is filled with decorative fountains and Moorish outposts, orange trees, bright colors lit by the sun.

Winding through these influences is my own personal history as well as my history as a painter and the visual vocabulary I’ve built up thus far. Leafless trees spring from nipples, tidal waves hover and threaten, and various marks communicate strength, submissiveness, age, and naiveté.

There is not a correct or incorrect interpretation of the work. Rather, there are visual clues that guide the viewer towards an understanding that is generated by the act of looking.”  (Susanna Bluhm, March 2005)

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About the Artist

Susanna Bluhm

Susanna Bluhm's paintings are an exploration of sensory experience. Recognisable images and abstract mark-making interact as though they were characters in a play.
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