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LGBTQ+ Artistic and Activist Tools for Social Change

This online workshop explores representation, education, and where LGBTQ+ stories can feature in curricula and media. Drawing on themes addressed by CHROMA, and to consider how artistic expression in Irish queer history and culture can tell us more about our identity and place in society today as LGBTQ+ people. This art based discussion looks at how art, design, and visual symbols have been used as tools for social change, and their ongoing importance in LGBTQ+ activism.

This discursive workshop is presented by Aifric Ní Chríodáin who will be joined by special guests Hannah Tiernan – visual artist, researcher and writer, Dónal Talbot – photographer and artist, whose works predominantly in portraiture, to showcase and empower the LGBTQ+ community, through representation in art; Alber Saborío – a trans nonbinary artist and sex educator from Honduras and co-founder and co-director of the trans-led art collective gender.RIP.

Explore the rich visual culture of LGBTQ+ communities and activism in Ireland, and join guests who focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion, encompassing an exploration of terminology, theory, fluidity of identity, and social and legal inequalities for LGBTQ+ people in Ireland, as they reflect on a wide variety of queer practices across Ireland that promote and celebrate equality and diversity.

Online Details: You can attend by registering in advance to receive a zoom link directly to your inbox. To attend, register here

About Workshop Facilitators

ShoutOut is a registered charity working to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion through education. Since 2012, we have delivered nearly 2,000 workshops to some 60,000 young people in secondary schools across the island of Ireland, to combat homophobic and transphobic bullying. We use our on-the-ground experience of speaking with young people to inform all of our training modules. In addition to our workshops for students, we also offer capacity building training to teachers, youth workers, and any organisations working with young people, e.g. charities, public bodies, or educational institutions. This work is primarily supported by our workplace training and inclusion programmes, aimed at building supportive working environments for LGBTQ+ employees. ShoutOut’s core values are education, inclusion, and allyship. From year to year, the staff and volunteers actively review and refine workshop materials, to deliver the highest quality of LGBTQ+ inclusive education in Ireland. See more details here.

Queer Culture Ireland : LGBTQ+ culture, history, and art group Queer Culture Ireland is a group for anyone interested in, working in or studying Irish queer culture, history, art, heritage founded by Judith Finlay and Kate Drinane. Queer Culture Ireland (QCI), in collaboration with Dublin LGBT Pride have also presented the HIV/AIDS exhibition titled ‘The Quilt: Echoes of Memories’ on World AIDS Day, previously collaborating with Dublin Pride in making the exhibition come to life in 2020 and since have hosted the exhibition at several venues.This was co-curated with Dr Patrick McDonagh. See more details here