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Process Room, 06.01.10- 24.01.10

Sam Jury’s work examines how we, as consumers and spectators, discern reality when confronted with photography and film. Concurrently, she explores the gaps and fissures between moving and still imagery; painting and film. Starting with staged photographs or documented performances, she uses the editing process to suspend linear narrative and present a highly manipulated scene that hovers between specific time, place or genre; a world made up of associative readings, that calls upon a global or collective memory to measure reaction and meaning.  

Sam Jury - Video projection into perspex form, 2010  Sam Jury - Video Postcards - single channel, looped videos works on digital screen (20 x 30 cm), 2010

During her residency at IMMA, Jury has been working on a series of video works that combine moving image with photographic stills whilst researching new methods of production that establish a dialogue between 2D and 3D modes of display. The installation inside the Process Room is evidence of this process come full circle. The projected video of a head is an amalgamation of film footage combined with photographs, some of which derived from digital images projected onto a sculptural form of a blank head. The final re-projection of this piece onto a monolithic form reconnects with the sculptural and adds a figurative presence to the ‘iconic’ form.

In comparison, the video works displayed outside the Process Room are vignettes in an intimate, almost postcard, scale. Again, combining still and moving imagery, the works depict two events: the obscure actions of indistinct figures in a bleak English landscape and the disruption of matter, airborne in the atmosphere. The original shoot was carried out behind layers of screens, similar to watching through the window of an interior space. The sound reinforces the notion of both interior and exterior space, combining domestic and ambient noise, where two spaces are created; in front of and behind the camera.  As a reflection on our relationship to film, document, drama and trauma, these short videos explore the notion of suspended trauma and the tragic-comic events that can sometimes follow.

Sam Jury completed a Fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools, London,  in 2002 and has lived and worked in both the USA and Middle East. She is now based in the UK. Recent shows include Art After Dark at the Louise Blouin Institute (London, UK) and Invisible Rays, (curated by Michael Rush) at the Rose Museum (USA). This month she will be showing a work from her video series ‘Forever is Never’ (curated by Andrea Inselmann) at Herbert F Johnson Museum (USA), followed by a solo show at Stephen Haller (New York). For further information, please see

For a printable version of this information please download the following document:  Sam Jury: Still and Still Moving (Word doc 2000 – 24.5KB)

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Sam Jury

Sam Jury graduated with an MFA in Painting from Cornell University in 1998 followed by a two year Fellowship in Print and Digital Media at the Royal Academy Schools, London. She has lived and worked in the US and Middle East and has exhibited internationally with solo shows in London and New York, and group shows in China, Spain, and Switzerland. In 2009 Jury was artist in residence at IMMA. She is based in the UK.
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