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  • Free, booking required for a selection of events

Summer at IMMA celebrates Pride with a special programme of events that includes the workshop Voguing at IMMA with Haus of Schiaparelli who offer a space for queer folks to find social support, to kiki and to grow, both within and beyond Ballroom; a book launch of Prospect Cottage: Derek Jarman’s House and conversation with the photographer Gilbert McCarragher; the screening of The Angelic Conversation, 1985 by Derek Jarman and Brunch with SHREM a relaxing afternoon of Pride tunes in the IMMA Cellars alongside the Camerino Bakery café.

There will also be a special IMMA MEMEBRS evening with Seanchoíche, a storytelling night exploring love and empathy to celebrate Pride.



Voguing Workshop, The Haus of Schiaparelli
Thurs 20 June
7- 9pm

Location: The Matheson Creativity Hub
Book here, space is limited! 

The Haus of Schiaparelli with instructors MC Taboo and Jugu Telfar Miyake Mugler have touched down to give the Dublin community a rundown on the rich historical context for Ballroom as pioneered by Black and Brown queer people in New York (particularly trans-femmes) and the evolution of the tradition as we know it today. They will also be providing a beginner’s dance workshop and showing us how this respected artform is done.

About the Instructors
MC Taboo made their debut in late 2018. Since then, they have been an influential presence on and off the floor as they walk as an all-American & sex siren. In addition to their success, MC Taboo has also showcased their talent in other performance categories. Their versatility and dedication to their craft have allowed them to excel in multiple genres, earning them respect and admiration from their peers. They are a leading figure in London’s ballroom scene and push the boundaries of gender expression. Taboo is dedicated to supporting the community as both a performer and a voice for representation and inclusion. Their iconic style and powerful presence on stage have made them a beloved figure in the community and beyond. Taboo’s story is one of passion, creativity, and resilience. With each performance, Taboo invites the audience to join them on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. Once you experience Taboo’s unique energy and charisma, you’ll be left yearning to know more about this incredible artist.

Jugu Telfar Miyake Mugler was introduced into ballroom end of 2018 attending their first ball. They have been consistently walking European Runway in the London Ballroom scene and also other categories like BQ vogue fem and FF performance. They have ushered in the next generation of European Runway in the London ballroom and will continue to share their knowledge from experience.

IMMA x Seanchoíche: Pride 2024
Thurs 20 June

Please note this is an IMMA MEMBERS event, please click here to become an IMMA MEMBER.  

We are so delighted to welcome Seanchoíche back to IMMA, exclusively for our IMMA MEMBERS audience, to celebrate Pride 2024.

Seanchoíche is the brainchild of the phenomenal Ciaran ‘Gaff’ Gaffney, and is the storytelling platform founded in Dublin that currently runs in several cities around the world, including Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Belfast, Limerick and further afield. Hosting nights for people from all corners to come and listen and engage with spoken stories, ranging from personal anecdotes, monologues, fictional narratives, to poetry pieces and anything in between, experiencing the, now world-famous, event is such a special, intimate experience

The Seanchoíche ethos of love and empathy lends itself to our event theme, Pride 2024. This IMMA MEMBERS event will revolve around what it means to celebrate Pride in Ireland, inspired by our programme for the rest of the year, which includes the artists melanie bonajo and Hamad Butt, and the list of speakers will be curated by IMMA and Gaff to highlight those who use their creative platform to champion inclusivity. Expect some familiar faces on the night…

Tickets will be available exclusively to IMMA MEMBERS in  June, with a limit of two per person. Seanchoíche at IMMA for EARTH RISING 2023 booked out in just over 30 minutes – You won’t want to miss this.

Please note this is a 18+ event.

Biodiversity tour, Pride Edition
Fri 21 June

Location: Meet at the Matheson Creativity Hub
Free, booking required. Book here.

Join us for the Pride edition of a tour of the magnificent formal gardens and meadows, exploring the flora and fauna of IMMA and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. We invite attendees to join us for coffee in Courtyard Café after the tour!

Lecture & Book Launch
Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage by Gilbert McCarragher
Thurs 27 June
6 – 8pm

Location: Lecture Room
Free, book here.

In 2018, photographer Gilbert McCarragher was asked to create a visual record of Prospect Cottage, the iconic Dungeness house of artist, filmmaker and gay rights activist, Derek Jarman. Situated on the austere and windswept shingle beach near the looming nuclear power station, the house and surrounding garden has become an artwork in its own right, drawing Jarman devotees and curious onlookers from around the globe. McCarragher will present an illustrated lecture describing his project, followed by a conversation with Seán Kissane, curator of the 2019 exhibition, Derek Jarman: PROTEST!. The lecture will be followed by a book launch. 

The event will also be accompanied by a screening:

Living Canvas at IMMA, Screening

Derek Jarman,
The Angelic Conversation, 1985
Colour, sound; 78mins
©1985 Derek Jarman / BFI / Courtesy of the BFI National Archive

Screening details: 
Thursday 27 June, 6 – 8pm
Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June, daily during museum hours
Click here for further details

Intense, dreamlike, and poetic, The Angelic Conversation is one of the most artistic of Derek Jarman’s films. With his painter’s eye, Jarman conjured, in a beautiful palette of light, colour and texture, an evocative and radical visualisation of Shakespeare’s love poems.

Of the 154 sonnets written by Shakespeare, most were written to an unnamed young man, commonly referred to as the Fair Youth. Here, Judi Dench’s emotive readings of 14 sonnets are coupled with ethereal sequences; figures on seashores, by streams and in colourful gardens. The disruption of these magical scenes with images of barren and threatening landscapes echoes perfectly the celebration and torment of love explored in the sonnets.

Shot on Super-8 before being transferred to 35mm film, the unique technical approach results in a striking aesthetic, with Coil’s languorous soundtrack completing the intoxicating effect.

Brunch with SHREM
Sun 30 June
1 - 4pm

Location: IMMA Cellars/Camerino Bakery café 
Limited places, booking required. Book here.

Join us at IMMA Cellars for a relaxing afternoon as we celebrate the closing of Dublin Pride weekend! Enjoy summery tunes from SHREM and an incredible brunch provided by Camerino Bakery, IMMA’s onsite café. Experience family-style seating for a warm and communal atmosphere.

Brunch will be available to purchase and will include food, a cocktail/mocktail and delicious desserts.