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In Plura, a film work commissioned by South Tipperary County Council, Daphne Wright uses 18th-century classical sculpture as a source of her work. Wright presents an intricate film work in which a web of fragmented figurative forms are enveloped by the guttural sounds of male and female phonetic voices. The voices and fractured bodies submerge the spectator in a world of remembering or loss of memory recalling a struggle with language, conversation and relationships.

Daphne Wright is known for her unsettling yet poignant sculptural installations which use a variety of techniques and materials including photography, plaster, tinfoil, sound, voice and video. She has also worked on larger scale public art projects, working with artists across disciplines, architects, writers and theatre professionals to create works that are concerned with the ineffable. Born in Ireland in 1963, Daphne Wright lives between Dublin and Bristol.

Daphne Wright’s Plura is shown alongside E.gress, an audio-visual artwork, produced as part of a collaboration between artists Marie Brett and Kevin O‘Shanahan and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The artwork creatively explores the concept of absence and presence and how ambiguous loss theory relates to the experience of dementia.

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About the Artist

Daphne Wright b.1963

Daphne Wright attended Sligo RTC College, the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic. Wright makes multi-narrative installations, using a range of fragile media including plaster, tinfoil, unfired clay, and sound and video. She considers how language and materials can be used to probe unspoken human preoccupations. Concerned with the transitory areas of life, she explores the cusp of childhood and adulthood, and the borderlines between life and death. 

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