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Process Room, 12.06.07- 24.06.07

Naomi Sekis work creates a blank space that enables dialogue to take place.  The future quietly takes root in the memories of a trees dialogue with the world; memories that reside in the cuts carved into the grain. Extract from "The Female Landscape-Thunder of the world", by Aomi Okabe

It is said that my work has concentrated on wood, but not only wood, I also like welding.  Now I am interested in white cement, like I was back in my college days.  I am trying to make "pink" in white cement, the same as I did then. Back in my student days we were interested in industrial manufacturing.  We jumped into the factories to study their techniques with joy.  Studying through exertion of the body gave us satisfaction.  Throughout my career I would have loved if there was a movement of artists with a similar interest in this type of physicality.

Previous to the work shown in the Process Room and in Studio 11, I made a repetition of rectangles, white and pink cement, 10 x 4.5 cm, situated on the wall and continuing to the floor.  First I developed a mould from which I could make 100 rectangles at once.  I carried on to make over 4,000 pieces, this required the mould to be cast over 40 times.  This experience of repetition has allowed me to draw out different shapes. 

In the Process Room and my studio I am keeping to my own way – a sequence of repetition. Naomi Seki, ARP ‘07

Naomi Seki’s work does not evolve around realistic sculptures but rather abstract ones, which contain her sculptural essence and individuality.  Seki at times appears to be obsessed by a fascination with space.  Her work reveals the attraction of space and this becomes apparent when the space becomes as much of an object of the composition as the actual sculpture itself.  She composes materials against their nature and gravity and challenges them to sit with this juxtaposition.  Naomi Seki has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Yokohama and has participated in numerous group shows, including the 3rd International Wood and Sculpture Symposium, Denmark.  In 1994 she received first prize at the Modern Wood Carving Festival, Japan.  Seki was granted a Japanese Government overseas study programme to come to Ireland in 1998 which has resulted in a number of trips since then.  Seki has also designed and collaborated with theatre and dance companies throughout her career.

For a printable version of this information please download the following document Naomi Seki: Sequence of Repetition (Word doc 2000 – 22.5KB)

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Naomi Seki

Naomi Seki’s work does not evolve around realistic sculptures but rather abstract ones, which contain her sculptural essence and individuality.
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