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Process Room, 07.07.2011- 24.07. 2011 and IPA billboards, IMMA Gate, Bow Lane 11.07.2011- 24.07.2011

Snare Drum at Blue Monday, Process Room, IMMAIPA billboards, IMMA Gate, Bow Lane

SNARE DRUM AT BLUE MONDAY at IMMA is an on-going project presented like a snapshot of a particular stage in a working process. The project is based on the production of sequences – images, audio material and text, all configured, filtered and bent through artist activity.  In a sense an index of labour, both ways.

SNARE DRUM AT BLUE MONDAY tracks and drifts around types of industry, forms of employment and traces parallel shifts in styles of music and nightclub locations, on choreographies and postures on the dancefloor. All scenes of ritual. All scenes of exchange.  

POWERPOINT is a looped sequence of images distilled from an expanding archive, an image-bank organised around the terms Locations / Technologies / Faces / Signs and running on a timeline through assembly line structures to contemporary post-industrial and sevice sector systems. Click click; warehouse, factory floor, engine, amplifier, interface.

FOUR TRACK SAMPLER plays-back a stripped-down set of audio loops, fragments of existing music (tracks, songs) which have been sampled and re-sequenced and all share a 4/4 timing signature. This signature defines (Western) popular music, with its origin in rhythm and blues and the field songs of captive workers. On the radio. In the club. On the MP3.

BILLBOARDS display a repeating sequence of two images drawn from the projection playing simultaneously in the Process Room. This locates an element of the project outside the museum, and (back) on the street, out there.

K.A Kolenda, 07.07.2011
Supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds

For a printable version please download the following document:Mark Hamilton & Alexander Hempel: SNARE DRUM AT BLUE MONDAY (Adobe Acrobat Document, 48KB)

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Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton’s practice is characterised by the use of a range of media, switching from the traditional studio-based activities of picture and object production to text-based installation and the digital processes of video and sound work.
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