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Process Room, 12.04.05- 24.04.05

In an age of image overload from an ever-moving mass media, the notion of depicting specific details of specific events seems an impossible exercise. Yesterday’s news is altered, surpassed, reinvented through today’s angle on things. Yet, the experience of witnessing human suffering, however far removed, however second or third hand is an experience that is increasingly universal.

“ It seems to me that we must all have a collective and personal visual database of images showing human suffering, whether they’re from T.V, film or Art History, real or fictional. With this in mind, I am making an improvised drawing over 12 days directly onto the gallery wall recalling some of the indelible images of human extremis from my own memory bank.”

Mark Anstee’s work has concentrated on developing large-scale temporary pictures through the accumulation of individually drawn motifs made live in public museums and galleries.

Essentially, his aim is to explore the need to remember without the rhetoric of permanence.

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The film encounter,  directed by Gabi Cowburn and featuring the monumental drawing Anstee made at the WW1 Museum, in Flanders Fields, Ypres, was screened in the lecture theatre for the duration of the Process Room exhibtion.

For a printable version of this information please download the following document  Mark Anstee, process room doc.

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About the Artist

Mark Anstee

Using iconic images from heroic paintings, tomb-sculpture and photography, Mark Anstee works with an accumulation of individually drawn motifs to create monumental pictures.
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