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This recent acquisition, an ambitious installation involving eight projections, deals with intimacy, memory, the imagination and the influence of language. Like earlier works by Irvine such as Margaret Again, purchased by IMMA in 1997, The Silver Bridge, which was shot in Dublin Zoo, other locations in the Phoenix Park and the Natural History Museum, offers suggestions of a fragmented narrative in which time and place are profoundly evocative. It plays with stereotypical subjects such as witches and bats, and the locations they are thought to inhabit. Irvine’s love of disjointed narratives and multiple perspectives ensures that an element of surprise is maintained throughout the work, while insecurities are heightened by the rearrangement of familiar architecture involved in the installation of the piece. This is the first exhibition of this work which was purchased by IMMA in 2004

An exhibition guide will accompany the exhibition.

Please download the following link to read the introduction text to the exhibition:

Jaki Irvine: The Silver Bridge by Catherine Marshall (Word doc 2000 – 22.5KB)

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