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Seed STUDIO emerged from a residency with artist Clodagh Emoe as part of IMMA’s A Radical Plot programming. During her residency Emoe proposed a mission to further embed the artist experience of bio-diversification by piloting a dedicated studio space at the museum for this urgent knowledge and experience.

As part of Earth Rising the Seed STUDIO doors will open, welcoming visitors to meet with Clodagh, engage with developing research and affiliated projects, such as a new film showcasing a recent school project called A Classroom in the Sun. A special Earth Rising Seed STUDIO Reading is scheduled with Niall Mac Coitir.

No booking is required for the following events, access is based on first come first served and capacity of the space.

Date Time Activity Location
Fri, 21 October 3 – 5 pm Screening – A Classroom in the Sun Studio 13
Fri, 21 October 3 – 5 pm Open Doors to Seed STUDIO Studio 14
Sat, 22 October 12 – 2 pm Screening – A Classroom in the Sun Studio 13
Sat, 22 October 12.30 – 1.30 pm Seed STUDIO Reading with Niall Mac Coitir Studio 14
Sat, 22 October 3 – 5 pm Open Doors to Seed STUDIO Studio 14
Sun, 23 October 12 – 2 pm Screening – A Classroom in the Sun Studio 13
Sun, 23 October 12 – 1 pm Open Doors to Seed STUDIO Studio 14
Sun, 23 October 2 – 3.30 pm Panel Discussion Pavilion 1

Seed STUDIO is an ecological space for IMMA’s Green Cube and addresses an overwhelming need to explore new ways of deepening and celebrating our connection with the natural world. Seed STUDIO utilises IMMA as a substantial urban green site to cultivate, nurture and sustain individual and collective research and artistic practice that foregrounds nature and biodiversity.

About the Artist

Clodagh Emoe b.1975

Clodagh Emoe approaches her art practice as a form of enquiry. Her practice is expansive and collaborative; working with practitioners and researchers in areas of philosophy, architecture, botany and ecology to explore our intrinsic interconnection with the natural world. Her work is often site-specific and interventional, drawing on ritual to initiate space for tacit knowledge and affective thought.

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Seed STUDIO Reading

Seed STUDIO Reading, with IMMA Residency artist Clodagh Emoe and guests, is a series of events exploring our connectedness with the natural world touching on urgent issues of our biodiversity crisis, nature deficient disorder and the climate crisis. The event invites participants to wander and wonder; comprising of a short orientation on site followed by a reading by invited experts/writers from their own work and conversation.

The next Seed STUDIO Reading #4 takes place on Saturday 22 October, from 12.30 – 1.30 pm, and is hosted by Clodagh Emoe with invited guest Niall Mac Coitir. Mac Coitir will read extracts from his comprehensive and enlightening book Ireland’s Wild Plants, Myths, Legends and Folklore, sharing his knowledge of the different aspects of plant folklore, including their roles in magical protection, their use in charms and spells, in Irish place names, and in early Irish poetry.

Seed STUDIO Reading #1 was held in June with Charlotte Salter-Townshend. Participants were invited to the plot that inspired Salter-Townshend essay Reflections on a Radical Plot, 2022. A film of the same title weaves together the fascinating journey of Emoe’s IMMA residency to date, commencing this new chapter of her sited research and practice through the pilot residency which is Seed STUDIO. Watch this new short film here.

Seed STUDIO Reading #2 was held in July, with James Bridle. Participants were invited to sit amongst a small grove of Sycamore and Beech Trees to listen as James read Chapter 2, Wood Wide Web from their new publication Ways of Being, 2022

Seed STUDIO Reading #3 was held in August with invited guest Donal Lally. Participants gathered under the Sycamore tree at Mámbáy bebhɛp 43t / besáŋ berat / bakay nɛkɔ (2022) by artist Em’kal Eyongakpa where Lally read his essay The Sacred Fire of a Data Centre. This essay explores how the combination of domesticated fire, the data center, and artificial intelligence is reshaping our communities, opening them up to a stealthier and more pervasive form of the Smart City.

Each Seed STUDIO Reading hosts a different expert/author who reads from their own work. Participants are welcome to attend one or all events. This is a free event and places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Seed STUDIO has its home in Studio 14 at IMMA.

Seed STUDIO Reading Dates & Times:

Date Time Guest Location
Saturday, 22 October  12.30 – 1.30 pm Niall Mac Coitir Meet in Studio 14
Thursday, 04 August  7 – 8 pm Donal Lally Meet in Studio 14
Friday, 08 July  7 – 8 pm James Bridle Meet in Studio 14
Friday, 03 June  7 – 8 pm Charlotte Salter-Townshend Meet in Studio 14

Niall Mac Coitir

Niall Mac Coitir grew up in a bilingual environment in Dublin with a love of Irish history, culture and nature instilled into him. After graduating from University College Dublin with a degree in Social Science, he worked for Dublin County Council and now works for Fingal County Council. He has written four books in the Myths, Legends and Folklore series: Ireland’s Trees (2003), Ireland’s Wild Plants (2006), Ireland’s Animals (2010) and Ireland’s Birds (2015).

Donal Lally

Donal Lally is a Dublin-based architect and researcher. His work critically explores the socio-technical imaginaries of data infrastructure, focusing on data materiality, techno-utopianism, and techno-colonialism. Donal is the director of 0°M, and the co-founder of ANNEX. He is currently a lecturer at Technological University Dublin, where he is the programme chair of the Creative Arts Masters Platform. Further information on their work can be found here.

James Bridle

James Bridle is a writer, artist and technologist. Their artworks have been commissioned by galleries and institutions and exhibited worldwide and on the internet. Their writing on literature, culture and networks has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Wired, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Guardian, and the Financial Times. They are the author of ‘New Dark Age’ (2018) and ‘Ways of Being’ (2022), and they wrote and presented “New Ways of Seeing” for BBC Radio 4 in 2019. Further information on their work can be found here


Charlotte Salter-Townshend

Charlotte Salter-Townshend has worked at the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland since 2013, running themed tours, educational workshops, and social media. Her primary objective is to share her enthusiasm for the natural world and draw attention to overlooked corners of it. This summer Salter-Townshend is working as a naturalist on expedition cruises exploring islands and coastal areas of Britain. Her research interests include plant folklore, the history of botanical colonialism, and biophilia. She has a MPhil in Public History and Cultural Heritage from Trinity College Dublin and is currently a PhD candidate at TU Dublin where she is researching the Botanic Gardens as a visitor site.

Watch 'Reflections on A Radical Plot'