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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland
Phone +353 1 6129900

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Join IMMA25 and the Firehouse Film Contest for Firehouse #18, a free evening of film screenings on Sunday, 31 January at 7pm in the IMMA Lecture Room. The Firehouse Film Contest is a monthly short film festival held in Dublin. It is designed to encourage new filmmakers to try their hand at making shorts in a low-pressure, low-cost environment.

Firehouse #18 is going to showcase another new set of films from the brightest young talents on the island, inspired by the What We Call Love exhibition at IMMA.

If anyone would like to enter the Contest, the rules are as follows; the film must have been made in the month preceding the show, the film must not be longer than five minutes [preferably around three]. There is no entry fee and no prize money. All eligible entries are screened.

If you cannot send your film to us digitally, please let us know in advance, so we can arrange to collect the physical copy, whether on USB or hard drive. All applications accepted that adhere to these rules. All levels of production value are welcome.

Entry and admission are free.

About IMMA25
IMMA 25 is an exciting youth collective for anyone aged 18-25 who is interested in the arts. Our aim is to create a space for experimentation and artistic development through specialist tours, workshops, discussions, collaborative projects, and an array of social events.

Important Notice


We would like to advise our visitors that our Main Reception area is closed for renovation from 22 April until mid-June.  A temporary reception is open on the ground floor next to the original main entrance. While we prepare to open our next exhibition Hilary Heron: A Retrospective on 24 May, there are two exhibitions to see Derry Film & Video Workshop and Self: Determination: Artists Commissions. IMMA’s gardens and café are open to the public.