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In association with Club Chroma Chlorologia by Niall Sweeney, commissioned as part of the IMMA Outdoors programme IMMA invites ShoutOut and Queer Culture Ireland to facilitate a series of workshops that draws on their commitment and ethos to improve life for LGBTQ+ people. Workshop activities provide the public with a valuable, welcoming and intersectional space to share personal stories, educate young people, as well as parents and guardians, teachers, youth workers and workplaces on LGBTQ+ issues of the past and present.

Explore the rich visual culture of LGBTQ+ communities and activism in Ireland, and join three bespoke workshops that focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion, encompassing an exploration of terminology, theory, fluidity of identity, and social and legal inequalities for LGBTQ+ people in Ireland. Each discursive workshop is designed to cater for general interests to more direct experiences of specific groups. Facilitators explore the importance of representation and what it might mean for different subgroups of the broader LGBTQ+ community, drawing from a wide variety of queer practices across Ireland that promote and celebrate equality and diversity, that includes Niall Sweeney’s longstanding creative practice and site installation, Club Chroma Chlorologia presented in the formal gardens.

These workshops will take place in the unique surroundings of IMMA’s Front Lawn Pavilion and Formal Gardens. Workshops are free but ticketed, see programme outline below for full details.

Workshop Date
Pride 101: Party and Protest, 1983 – 2021 Sat, 24 July
LGBTQ+ Artistic and Activist Tools for Social change Sat, 7 August (postponed)
Then and Now: Know Your Queer History Sat, 4 September


Programme Details

Below is an outline of the ShoutOut + Queer Culture Ireland Workshop Series that runs on 24 July / 07 August / 04 September: Saturdays 2.00 – 3.30pm / presented as part of the Club Chroma Chlorologia programme.

Pride 101: Party & Protest, 1983 – 2021
Sat 24 July, 2.00pm

Following the June’s recent Dublin Pride activities, this session reflects on some of the tensions around Pride as a site of party and protest in the context of its past and future. In doing so, we will consider global perspectives on Pride and its role. In a discursive workshop, facilitators invite participants to reflect on the importance of LGBTQ+ subcultures, their place in Pride, and the importance of their preservation and commemoration. This workshop is open to all ages of various interests.

This workshop is presented by Judith Finlay, Kate Drinane, and Aifric Ní Chríodáin.

LGBTQ+ Artistic and Activist Tools for Social Change
Sat 07 Aug, 2.00pm

An interactive workshop delivered by facilitators who invite young people to discuss representation, education, and where LGBTQ+ stories can feature in curricula and media. Drawing on themes addressed by CHROMA, and to consider how artistic expression in Irish queer history and culture can tell us more about our identity and place in society today as LGBTQ+ people. This art based workshop looks at how art, design, and visual symbols have been used as tools for social change, and their ongoing importance in LGBTQ+ activism.

This workshop is presented by Judith Finlay, Kate Drinane, and Aifric Ní Chríodáin with guests Donal Talbot and Alber Saborío.

This event is postponed, stay tuned for further updates.

Then and Now: Know Your Queer History
Sat 04 Sept, 2.00pm

This workshop looks at cross-generational queer experiences in Ireland – to consider how things have changed since the earliest days of the movement, the role of archivists in documenting those changes, and how we might better build intergenerational links. Join a panel of guests who draw parallels between LGBTQ+ lives then and now, what has improved and what has deteriorated for the community as Ireland has changed. This offers us an opportunity to consider queer intersectional spaces today, who they serve, and what a truly inclusive space might look like for the community: one which is intergenerational and accessible to all.

This workshop is presented by Queer Culture Ireland and ShoutOut with invited guests that includes researcher, writer and visual artist Hannah Tiernan
Trans activist and chair of TENI Sara Phillips; Gay activist, and co-founder of the small ‘80s lobby group Gays Against Imperialism Cathal Kerrigan and others. To book your place click here.

About Workshop Speakers

ShoutOut is a registered charity working to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion through education. Since 2012, we have delivered nearly 2,000 workshops to some 60,000 young people in secondary schools across the island of Ireland, to combat homophobic and transphobic bullying. We use our on-the-ground experience of speaking with young people to inform all of our training modules. In addition to our workshops for students, we also offer capacity building training to teachers, youth workers, and any organisations working with young people, e.g. charities, public bodies, or educational institutions. This work is primarily supported by our workplace training and inclusion programmes, aimed at building supportive working environments for LGBTQ+ employees. ShoutOut’s core values are education, inclusion, and allyship. From year to year, the staff and volunteers actively review and refine workshop materials, to deliver the highest quality of LGBTQ+ inclusive education in Ireland. See more details here.

Queer Culture Ireland : LGBTQ+ culture, history, and art group Queer Culture Ireland is a group for anyone interested in, working in or studying Irish queer culture, history, art, heritage founded by Judith Finlay and Kate Drinane. Queer Culture Ireland (QCI), in collaboration with Dublin LGBT Pride have also presented the HIV/AIDS exhibition titled ‘The Quilt: Echoes of Memories’ on World AIDS Day, previously collaborating with Dublin Pride in making the exhibition come to life in 2020 and since have hosted the exhibition at several venues.This was co-curated with Dr Patrick McDonagh. See more details here

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We would like to advise our visitors that our Main Reception area is closed for renovation from 22 April until mid-June. A temporary reception is open on the ground floor next to the original main entrance. There are three exhibitions to visit  Hilary Heron: A Retrospective; Derry Film & Video Workshop and Self: Determination: Artists Commissions. IMMA’s shop, café and gardens are all open.