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Have you ever read a book that included a toilet visitation, a bar room brawl, an act of seduction, naughty shenanigans on a beach and lewd thoughts, adultery and a detailed description of urinating in a back garden? And all this happening in just one day! If you haven’t then you haven’t read James Joyce’s Ulysses 

Ulysses is considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, novel ever written. Speaking about Ulysses, Joyce once famously declared, “there is not one serious line in it.”  But how many people have ever read it? Very few have made it beyond the first few episodes; they usually become entangled in Joyce’s style of writing and presentation and get completely lost and confused. 

Writer, actor and Joycean enthusiast, Robert Gogan is here to help. Gogan’s mission is to introduce everybody to the fun and laughter of Ulysses and to make the great novel accessible to anyone who wants to read it.  Strolling Through Ulysses! is a one-man show that tells the fun-filled story of Bloomsday, 16 June 1904, the iconic day around which James Joyce’s Ulysses is based.  

Join us for what promises to be an evening of fun and entertainment.

About Robert Gogan

Robert Gogan was born in Dublin. By the age of seventeen he had developed a keen interest in English literature and had discovered James Joyce and Ulysses. Over the years he has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the book and has developed a keen appreciation for its character and soul. 

He practised as a Barrister-at-Law in the early ’80s and his exposure to different features of the English language helped to enhance his understanding of Joyce’s wordplay in Ulysses. Gogan has performed his one-man show Strolling Through Ulysses! throughout Ireland in bookshops, theatres, clubs, libraries, private homes, the James Joyce Tower, Swenys Chemist and every other venue imaginable! 

In 2012 he published Ulysses Remastered, an original version of Ulysses into which he introduced some additional punctuation, formatting and reading guidelines, without compromising the integrity of the great novel. In 2022 the book was republished as Ulysses Remastered Special Centenary Edition, with a total of 100 pages of practical, non-academic reading guidelines. 

A special version of Strolling Through Ulysses! was adapted for radio and broadcast nationally in February 2022 to mark the centenary of Ulysses.