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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
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The Breaking Cover Performance group has emerged from a six-month IMMA programme of the same name, which focused on the role of art in the current climate emergency. To conclude the programme, fifteen artists will perform in the grounds of IMMA, to evoke natures’ elementals.

The pulse of Brazilian drumming will bear witness to the destruction of the Amazon Forest, our planets’ lungs and medicinal apothecary. An exploration of individuality and interconnectedness and of personified presence in the landscape, this event will honour our shared grief for the loss of so many animal and plant species, our kinfolk.

11am – 11.30am
Individual and small group performances: These performances will take place across various locations in the grounds of IMMA and the RHK including, the IMMA Courtyard, the Formal Gardens, the Meadow, the West Avenue and the Front Lawn.

11.30am – 12pm
The Procession: Called by the beating drum, performers assemble in the Courtyard and begin to walk slowly around the building towards the Formal Gardens.

12pm – 12.30pm
The Banquet: takes place in the Formal Gardens; an ecological feast for the eyes.

12.30pm – 1pm
The Die In: The procession moves towards the Meadows for the finale of this performance piece as we collectively mourn the loss of the planet’s extinct species.



Performers include, Karen Aguiar, Rebecca Bradley, Rennie Buenting, Paola Catizone, Thomas Duffy, Carmel Ennis, Mary Hoy, Deirdre Lane, Thomas Morelli, Laura Obrien, Paul Regan, Sophie Rieu, Miriam Sweeney, Hilary Williams. 

Breaking Cover: Art and Enviroment

Beginning in April as part of the IMMA Outdoors programme, Breaking Cover has served as a think-tank, inhabiting the Museum as a physical and virtual space for diverse communities to collaborate. The cross fertilisation of ideas, the exploration of processes and the articulation of a group vision has been supported by interacting with a set of selected guest speakers and performance artist Celina Muldoon. These processes have enabled participants to explore the themes of climate change, eco-activism and the role of art as a tool for change.