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Process Room, 04.02.09- 15.02.09

Filip Van Dingenen, Cabinet “Els nens dibuixen en Floquet

 In The Process Room at The Irish Museum of Modern Art Belgian artist Filip Van Dingenen presents a maquette of Cabinet “Els nens dibuixen en Floquet". (Catalan for: children’s drawings of Snowflake)

This maquette is part of the project Flota Nfumu (White Fleet), which investigates a cultural perception towards the gorilla Snowflake, nature conservation, human animal relations and animal stardom, generated through media and tourism over the last 40 years from Spain, and as a consequence, Snowflake’s place of origin Equatorial Guinea.

Flota Nfumu observes the cultural remembrance, the history and myth of the albino gorilla whose popular name was Snowflake but also known in Spanish as Copito de Nieve, in Catalan as Floquet de Neu and in Fang (his African origin) as Nfumu. After his arrival at the Barcelona Zoo, Nfumu was renamed as Snowflake.

Snowflake lived at the Barcelona Zoo from 1966 until his death in 2003. In the last months of Snowflakes life, the Barcelona Zoo announced a campaign/homage that was presented through all types of media across Spain and a part of this homage was that children could get a free entrance ticket to the Barcelona Zoo in exchange for a drawing dedicated to the albino gorilla Snowflake. These original 4358 children’s drawings now only survive in archive through a DVD called “els Nens dibuixen en Floquet” (children’s drawings of Snowflake) made by the Barcelona Zoo. Van Dingenen’s Cabinet "Els nens dibuixen en Floquet" is a re-documented and reprinted collection of these children’s drawings which represent the mass homage to the cult of this famous albino lowland gorilla.

During the summer of 2008 Filip Van Dingenen set up a drawing project with children in Bata, Equatorial Guinea whilst retracing Jordi Sabater Pi’s research area. Emeritus born Professor Jordi Sabater Pi (1922) worked as ethologist and anthropologist in Equatorial Guinea from 1940 until 1969, besides his diverse range of research and many achievements, he is also known as the man who brought Snowflake to the Barcelona Zoo. The Sabater Pi Collection, at the Barcelona University houses books, journals, drawings and watercolors from fauna and flora – especially some exclusive material of primates and above all extensive research of Snowflake.

Van Dingenen’s solo exhibition Flota Nfumu took place at the Art Centre Netwerk in Belgium in 2009. Click the link for more information on this exhibition

For a printable version of this information please download the following document Cabinet "Els nens dibuixen en Floquet" (Word doc 2000 – 323KB)

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About the Artist

Filip Van Dingenen

Filip Van Dingenen's creative modes can consist of dream-like states, imaginary personages, situations and travels where the artist acts as a Baudelairian flâneur - he has set out to venture into new worlds by producing alternative mindsets.
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