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In response to A Fair Land and related ideas of art, land and revolution; Artist Seoidín O’Sullivan activates a wheel barrow school. This will be animated through a tree walk on the grounds of IMMA beginning at an oak tree planted for Joseph Beuys by Caroline Tisdall. This event is family friendly and children are welcome to attend.

Revolving School is an an outdoor classroom or pedagogical infrastructure. A wheel barrow school, a space of common-ing , an outdoor making, workshop and learning space. A place for collaboration and possible dissent. The wheelbarrow is a tool that is both a symbol of work and is used for labouring. The infrastructure as well as being a tool used to work the land here becomes a tool for ‘schooling’ or ‘organising’. The infrastructure becomes a place of commoning and a place for imagining what that might be in relation to land usage.

The essential elements in the design and project are that they are mobile and can be used by everyone. They will create various anomalies of usage encouraging play, ownership and collectivism.

‘The commons’ is about stewardship of things that we own in common as human beings. It’s about ensuring that we protect them and pass them on undiminished to future generations.’ Bollier