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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland
Phone +353 1 6129900

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Developed in collaboration with Grizedale Arts IMMA’s residency has started a number of research residencies for an exciting project later this year at IMMA. Forming an international collective of sorts A Fair Residency has created themed studios with many makers, architects, educators, designers, bakers and general creative folk exploring the future visions set by this unique residency opportunity. Trips to Grizedale Arts are supported to get under the skin of how both residencies work and generate a true mash-up of experiences.

Activities, workshops and experiments will lead to what aims to be an extraordinary new project; A Fair Land, bringing the residency collaboration in to the public sphere for a crescendo of activities and events for locals, nationals, tourists and the unsuspecting passing pedestrian. Re-thinking the Royal Hospital’s cobblestoned quadrant as a village, the project will take shape as a visual and working installation in IMMA’s iconic courtyard. Echoing the role artists played in creating in articulating a new vision for Ireland pre-1916, A Fair Land will be developed and activated by a range of artists and creative practitioners with the aim of channeling new, artist-led visions for a functioning future society.

Artists and collaborators include Jonathan Messe, Renzo Martens, Suzanne Lacy, Ryan Gander, Karen Guthrie, publicworks, Deirdre O’Mahony, Coniston Youth Club, Rhona Byrne, villagers from the Japanese mountain village of Toge, Gareth Kennedy, Seoidin O’Sullivan, NOS workshop, Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF), NCAD, and IADT with more to collect for the collective…

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