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Daphne Wright, b.1963


Stallion (2009), one from a series of animals, is a sculpture cast in marble dust and resin that depicts a horse, partially flayed. Upturned and struggling, this animal yet retains its anatomical grandeur. Wright’s visual vocabulary is inspired by suburban life, literature, theatre and art history. Her work can develop from observing her own children or older people, exploring issues often ignored by contemporary artists, such as care, parenthood and ageing. Her most recent body of work is made in unfired clay, a material that attracts her because of its combination of anonymity and an intimacy of touch. By rendering a series of domestic objects in this material, including a fridge door and a buggy, Wright creates a dichotomy of familiarity and fragility, stripping them back to their essential forms. The warmth and subtle fragility of the objects bear witness to the important roles of repetition, ritual and care in daily life. 

MediumMarble dust and resin
Dimensions Object size, 160 x 140 x 380 cm
Credit LineIMMA Collection: Purchase, 2023
EditionEdition 2/2
Item NumberIMMA.4452
Copyright Image © the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London | Photography: Alex Delfanne
For copyright information, please contact the IMMA Collections team: [email protected].
Image Caption
Daphne Wright, Stallion, 2009, Marble dust and resin, Object size, 160 x 140 x 380 cm, Collection Irish Museum of Modern Art, Purchase, 2023

For copyright information, please contact the IMMA Collections team: [email protected].

About the Artist

Daphne Wright b.1963

Daphne Wright attended Sligo RTC College, the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic. Wright makes multi-narrative installations, using a range of fragile media including plaster, tinfoil, unfired clay, and sound and video. She considers how language and materials can be used to probe unspoken human preoccupations. Concerned with the transitory areas of life, she explores the cusp of childhood and adulthood, and the borderlines between life and death. 

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