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Victor Vasarely, b.1906

Permutation Series (1/8)1968

Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely was one of the leaders of the Op Art movement in Paris. Like Josef Albers Vasarely was interested in the purity of visual sensation and was totally opposed to the use of narrative in painting. “To experience the presence of a work of art is more important than to understand it” he argued and he used syncopated rhythms and geometric pattern to create optical ambiguity and disorientation, making the viewer question his or her own perception.
Vasarely was deeply committed to the demystification of art production and to increasing access and availability. He advocated the use of technology especially computers in art making as an expression of the age and in the interests of reproducibility. His studio in the 1960s had more in common with an industrial production line than a traditional artist’s work place.

DimensionsFramed: 87 x 87 cm Sheet: 68x68 cm Plate: 60x60 cm
Credit LineIMMA Collection: Gordon Lambert Trust, 1992
EditionEdition 27/150
Item NumberIMMA.831.001
Image Caption
Victor Vasarely, Permutation Series (1/8), 1968, Serigraph, Framed: 87 x 87 cm Sheet: 68x68 cm Plate: 60x60 cm, Collection Irish Museum of Modern Art, Gordon Lambert Trust, 1992

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About the Artist

Victor Vasarely 1906–1997

Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely studied medicine at the University of Budapest and art at the Podolini-Volkmann Academy and the Bauhaus Muhely, Budapest. He moved to Paris in 1930. Committed to the purity of visual sensation and the accessibility of the art object, Vasarely employed syncopated rhythms and geometric pattern to create his optical paintings. A founding figure within the Op art movement, he was also innovative in advocating the use of computer technology in art making. Vasarely’s work has been exhibited worldwide. The Vasarely Museum Budapest was established by the artist in 1987.
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