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Sarah Pierce, b.1968

Pathos of Distance2015

 Pathos of Distance. In 2015, the National Gallery of Ireland invited Sarah Pierce to engage with the ESB CSIA in the ongoing research project: Visualising the Irish Diaspora. The result of this collaboration was the creation of a new artwork by Pierce exploring the concept, themes and subject of the Irish Diaspora as viewed among the communities in which they settled around the world. 

Pathos of Distance was formed around 42 images relating to Irish migration and diaspora, created between 1813 and 1912. Sourced from countries around the world, they were photographed and reproduced to their original scale. Pierce presented them in a series of sculptures constructed from items of second-hand domestic furniture, culled from the stocks of suppliers in Dublin of the type bought to furnish bedsits and flat, where occupancy and ownership shift.  

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Mediumused furniture, plinths, digital photographs and texts
Credit LineIMMA Collection: Purchase, 2021, 2021
Item NumberIMMA.4201
Copyright For copyright information, please contact the IMMA Collections team: [email protected].
Image Caption
Sarah Pierce, Pathos of Distance, 2015, used furniture, plinths, digital photographs and texts, Collection Irish Museum of Modern Art, Purchase, 2021, 2021

For copyright information, please contact the IMMA Collections team: [email protected].

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Sarah Pierce b.1968

Since 2003, Sarah Pierce has used the term The Metropolitan Complex to describe her art. Despite its institutional resonance, this title does not signify an organisation. Instead, it demonstrates Pierce’s broad understanding of cultural work, articulated through methods that open up to the personal and incidental.
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