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Room 13 is an organisation of art studios in schools throughout the UK. It began in 1994 at Caol Primary School when students decided to start their own business to raise the money to pay their artist in residence. There are now Room 13 studios in 4 UK Primary schools and 1 High School. Each studio is under the control of a management team who are responsible for generating income, keeping the studio stocked with materials and paying the Artist in Residence.

Having a dedicated art studio in school allows the students to experiment and use professional artists’ materials. There is space for large-scale works, a darkroom for photographic work, computers and plenty of opportunity to collaborate and explore ideas. The artwork produced in Room 13 is exciting and varied; every student is encouraged to think for themselves, to follow through their own individual ideas.

The Artists’ Work Programme at IMMA is delighted to provide this opportunity for the students of Room 13 to come on residence and engage with other artists and the public in relation to their unique project.

Important Notice

To ensure the health and safety of the public, IMMA’s galleries will be closed from the evening of Friday 18 September until Saturday 10 October 2020. The grounds of IMMA and the RHK will remain open. Thank you for your cooperation.