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Studio 3B
11 October 2005  – 31 March 2006
Orla Barry’s work cannot be classified under any single medium or approach. She sees art as a way of re-shaping and distorting reality. Barry produces her work firstly in writing and these texts are then transformed into sound works, photography, performance and moving images. By using several forms of address in her texts Barry invents a fiction of multiple “I”s which enrich our understanding of the unfixed, multiple nature of identity. Her use of female personae makes the feminist in her work, subtle, witty and slightly underhand. Barry’s visual work adds an extra layer of meaning to writing. There is an interaction between words and images, the end result is an acute tension that enhances them both.  Born in Wexford, Barry has lived in Belgium for the past 11 years. She has exhibited extensively internationally including solo shows in Brussels, Milan, London and Antwerp.  Barry will have a solo exhibition at IMMA from 8 March – 21 May 2006.

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