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Martina Schmuecker, Color Fight, 2008, performance, wood, light, paint, paper, dimensions variable. Performed for Beyond the Pale Yellow Amusement Park, Campbell Works, London

July – September 2010

A central point in Martina Schmücker’s performances is the desire to question the relationship between the viewer and art object. Her works analyze perceptions through what is often the restricted and partly obstructed view of the details of the performance. The objects and props built for Schmücker’s works are made in relation to the scale and measurements of the artist’s body or the body of the performer, while the body is also used as a material alongside the props, furniture and architectural spaces. Schmücker’s performances are sculptures, body interventions and intersections, only visible for a certain time, the image of the performance stays with the viewer following the event. What remains at the end is only the memory of a strange image and the leftover props as a “place holder” for the performance. Schmücker is interested in the relationship between what is seen, what is remembered, and how this memory changes with time.

Exhibitions include Visual Mechanics, Malta Contemporary, Valletta, 2009; Beyond the Pale Yellow Amusementpark, Campbell Works, London, 2008; The Problem of Error, Gallery Sassa Truelzsch, Berlin, 2008; Glimpse Gallery KraskaEckstein, Bremen, 2007; Chateau Ivre, Schloss Sacrow, Potsdam, 2007; Contained, Hiscox Art Projects, London 2007; New Contemporaries, London, 2005, and Let Me Hear Your Body Talk, Arti et Amititiae, Amsterdam, 2005.

The Process Room:

Martina’s work is currently on show in The Process Room at IMMA from 25 August to 5 September 2010, first floor galleries.  For further information on this exhibition, please download the document below.

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