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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
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Elayne Adamczyk Harrington, also known as Temper-Mental MissElayneous, is an accomplished performer in the Irish Hip-hop and poetry world whose work explores restriction and oppression with the ideas of judgement and punishment often manifesting in the context of class. Her practice addresses the repressive nature of society and the constraint of its social systems, referring to conditions and injustices such as addiction and alcoholism, access to education and homelessness in a direct way.

Other artworks take a more layered approach in dealing with generational poverty, classism and working-class experience. Utilising wood, concrete, metal, found items and mixed media to create objects which at first glance can appear to be utilitarian entities, domestic or recreational and innocent in nature. Re-appropriating the materials covertly interrupts their original function, providing playfulness with an undercurrent of aggression. An integral aspect of the work is engagement and interaction from the artist which incites spontaneous verbal and kinetic articulations that transcend the narrative of the sculptures and evolve the work to performance, spatial activity, duration and endurance.

Elayne Harrington is a Sculpture & Expanded Practice and Critical Cultures graduate of Fine Art in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. She served the third year of her International BA Degree in the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. In 2019 Harrington was invited to feature within CONTEXTS Festival, the 9th International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokołowsko, Poland. This marked her first professional live art festival performance as a fresh NCAD graduate. This experience brought together many talented collaborators contributing to the live 2 hour performance artwork by Harrington at the Festival. The music video project ‘Pie in the Sky’ grew out of this experience to merge Harrington’s practices of the visual within the Fine Art realm and the verbal/rap element of the contemporary urban culture of Hip-hop in which she advocates in her own way.

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