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The Event Horizon : Participating Artists – Part I

Anna-Eva Bergman
Born in Stockholm (of Norwegian parents) in 1909. Died in 1987. Bergman spent most of her creative life in France, with her husband, Hans Hartung. Her paintings, often based on landscapes, were investigations into the nature of abstraction: how a fragment can be transformed, with the aid of the viewer, into a complete image. Examples from two of her series; Tombeaux (Tombs) and Horizons will be shown at IMMA.

Marie-Jose Burki
Born in Switzerland, 1961. Lives and works in Brussels. Burki’s most recent video installations have been concerned with the ways in which anthropomorphic interpretation may be used to construct narratives. Her installation, Translations, is also an Orwellian comment on the nature of constructing identities.

Atom Egoyan
Born in Cairo (to Armenian parents) in 1960. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Egoyan is known for his films which examine the influence that media has on our day-to-day lives: Family Viewing (1990), The Adjuster (1992), Exotica (1994). For The Event Horizon, he has created a video installation based on a sequence from Calendar (1992), a film based on the combined themes of cultural identity, landscape and narrative.

Immersion (Colin Newman / Malka Spigel)
Newman was born in England, Spigel in Israel. They now live and work in London. Newman has recorded with the band, Wire, Spigel with Minimal Compact. Together, they formed their own record label, Swim, in 1994. For IMMA, they will create a sound installation, using original and found material, which examines the ways in which music may work against narrative.

Sigalit Landau
Born in 1967 in Jerusalem. Landau’s work deals with the relationship between public and private space, between personal and cultural identity. She will exhibit works in the gallery spaces as well as in a shipping container that is positioned outside the museum reception area. The latter space functions as a site for showing artwork, while retaining its utilitarian characteristics. For the artist, it may be seen as a living space as well.

Nusret Pasic
Born in 1951 in Sarajevo, Pasic’s work Sarajevo Library: History of the World, combines painting and sculpture with found objects, such as burnt books, in order to create a sobering comment on how we treat and debase knowledge and history.

Tim Robinson
Born in England in 1935, Robinson studied mathematics in Cambridge. He later worked as a visual artist, under the name of Timothy Drever, first in Vienna and later in London. In 1972, he went to live on the Aran Islands and began writing and making maps. He now lives in Roundstone, Connemara, where he and his wife run the Folding Landscapes studio, which publishes his maps and related writings on the west of Ireland. His work View from the Horizon, examines the narrative possibilities of landscape through a combination of sculpture and text.

Sam Taylor-Wood
Born in London in 1967, Sam Taylor-Wood has participated in many exhibitions in Europe and the United States, including a solo show currently on view at the Chisenhale Gallery in London and the group exhibition, Manifesta I (Rotterdam, Summer 1996). She will be showing two works Five Revolutionary Seconds # 2 (1996) and Knackered (1996). The former, through the use of a large panoramic photograph and a sound installation, presents a fractured narrative. The latter, a film of a woman mouthing the words from the aria sung by a castrato, presents an equally disjointed activity.