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Royal Hospital Kilmainham
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IMMA OUTDOORS: The Eco Festival  is a four-day event of eco related programming showcasing the most exciting innovators in the field of eco citizen science, design & creativity, enabling intergenerational dialogue and empowering audiences to become agents of change.

The Festival will be deeply interwoven with themes of biodiversity and sustainability, a vibrant celebration of people, place and planet. It will use art to motivate audiences to become more climate positive in their everyday lives by combining inspiring artistic interventions with workshops, talks and events which demonstrate how small but mighty acts in the community can have an impact. It will plant the seeds of sustainability, enabling audiences, to participate, discuss and experiment, combining inspiring impactful commissions with civic exploration of eco creativity.

Experimentation, provocation, and research are at the heart of IMMA’s values and programmes. This showcase will explore the problems and dangers of the Anthropocene and responses to counteract those, through the lens of artists, story tellers, digital gamers, biologists, performers, designers, musicians, mathematicians, architects, and young people.  The list of possibilities is endless.

*Applications for Earth Rising are now closed. Stay tuned for further updates. 

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Over its 30-year history IMMA has been a space for activism. As an institution concerned with contemporary culture, IMMA is inherently well-disposed towards innovation and experimentation which are critical for the generation of new programmes that capture the imagination, build momentum and have the power to create social change.  In a world that is changing so rapidly, IMMA is constantly looking ahead, radically rethinking the role of the cultural institutions and developing a boundary pushing vision which focuses on its role as a radically public space, a global connector and a catalyst for change. We seek to be a space in which the public can engage with, discuss and debate the great issues of our time, the most urgent of which is climate crisis.

Creating access to art for audiences of all ages is at the heart of IMMA’s mission. The last few of years have challenged IMMA to explore how best to serve its local community beyond the gallery walls. IMMA Outdoors focused on providing art within safe convivial spaces across its 48-acre site at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, rejuvenating its important as civic space for the Dublin 8 community.

Through the lens of the international sustainability agenda, the unique role of arts and cultural organisations in supporting the shift in attitudes needed to address climate change has become more apparent. At IMMA, our unique creative mindset highlights how culture has a pivotal role to play in climate justice, through citizen engagement and community support by exploring sustainable arts practice and offering regenerative solutions.

Key dates

*Applications for Earth Rising are now closed. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Key Dates
Submissions Open: Friday March 24 2023
Zoom Q&A Clinic: Tuesday April 11 at 4pm
Closing date for Submissions: Friday April 28 2023
Successful candidates Notified: Tuesday 16 May 2023
Presentations on Site: September 21 – 24 2023