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Sponsorship at IMMA

Corporate Sponsorship enables IMMA to develop and present some of the finest cultural, educational, and public programming in Ireland with the support of innovative corporate partners. IMMA’s sponsorship programme offers flexible engagement at various levels and examples of our most recent partnerships with Matheson, Hennessy Ireland, Goodbody, Tiger Beer and Dean Dublin can be found below.

A collaboration with IMMA promises: 

  • Alignment with Ireland’s leading museum of contemporary and modern art, a leading creative force that inspires over 485,000 visitors each year.
  • Brand endorsement – a platform for building brand awareness to IMMA’s growing audience both on and offline and creative promotional opportunities working in partnership with the museum’s communication team.
  • Connection with targeted audiences and extension of your influence and brand recognition with these audiences.
  • Unique and excusive experiences for customers, clients and employees.

IMMA creates bespoke benefits to suit our sponsors’ individual needs. Our offerings include:

  • Prominent brand recognition through acknowledgement in the museum, online, and in press and media campaigns. Sponsors are given the unique opportunity to work with IMMA’s communication team to create promotional materials best suited to the partnership KPIs.
  • Access to IMMA’s growing audience who are young with over 60% of our visitors under 44; 15% are aged 18-24, 27% are aged 25-34, and 18% are aged 25-44, interested in the new and looking for opportunities to relax, reflect and be inspired.
  • Opportunities to host private, after hours events at the museum and invitations to IMMA Membership events and private tours.
  • Exclusive access to VIP events and engagement with niche membership groups, both individual and corporate.
  • Free admission for employees, plus a guest to all paid exhibitions at IMMA.

By supporting IMMA corporate partners are given a unique platform for building their profile to IMMA’s growing audience. In 2015, over 485,000 people visited the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, an increase from 306,000 in 2014. We are anticipating a reach of over 500,000 visitors in 2016.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Every partnership is different and we welcome your ideas for partnerships that best suit your corporate objectives. Below you will find examples of a number of current partnership opportunities, but please do get in touch to discuss your particular interests.

Freud Circle
Freud Project Schools Partner
Freud Project Research Partner
Freud Project Learning and Engagement Partner

The Freud Circle

IMMA has been offered the unique opportunity to borrow 50 key works by Lucian Freud for five years from a number of private collections. These loans, of paintings and works on paper, will form the IMMA Collection: Freud Project. The scale and significant of these loans is a first for IMMA and they will make IMMA, and Ireland, the International centre for Freud’s work for the next five years. The project will be amplified by a rich education and research programme and a dynamic series of exhibitions with other artists in response to Freud, and a series of curated live events and talks.

An opportunity exists to partner with IMMA on this monumental project and become part of the Freud Circle. Open to a strictly limited number of three corporate partners, the Freud Circle will help create a truly exceptional experience for both Irish and International visitors with the work of outstanding figurative painter Lucian Freud.

The Freud Circle offers significant multi-year brand visibility, excellent opportunities for client and staff recruitment, and key opportunities to create bespoke experiences for existing clients and staff.

The Freud Circle is also an opportunity to create meaningful connections with IMMA’s growing audience, to engage in people’s everyday lives and to establish a positive legacy for the IMMA Collection in Ireland and abroad.

The value of the Freud Circle is €15,000* per year for an initial term of 3 years. Members of the Circle will be given the first option to extend into year four and five. Opportunities for exclusive title sponsorship will be available to Freud Circle members after year one.

*There is an additional option for Corporate Circle Partners to increase their sponsorship of the Freud Circle to €20,000 per year in any given year. Circle partners at this level will receive extra benefits including: one complimentary hire (contra value of €5K + VAT) of the entire RHK North Range and access to bespoke entertainment opportunities from IMMA’s wider programme, outside of the Freud Project, including VIP events, networking opportunities and the IMMA Summer Party.

Image credit: Reflection (Self Portrait), 1985 (oil on canvas), Freud, Lucian (1922-2011) / Private Collection / © The Lucian Freud Archive / Bridgeman Image

Freud Project Schools Partner

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) have expressed great interest in developing a junior cycle module around The Freud Project 2016-2021.

IMMA has the capacity to create programming for both Primary and Secondary level schools through its bespoke tours and programme and basic online education resources for classroom teaching to maximise the national reach of the Project. However we would like to provide opportunities for all Primary and Secondary Schools in the state to experience this outstanding opportunity, not only those in the catchment area or those that can most easily afford to travel to Dublin.

This access could be supported by a corporate partner delivering funding for schools to travel to IMMA on a field trip, and/or to assist IMMA in developing compelling digital resources for schools to use in their classrooms before, after or instead of a physical visit to the exhibition, creating a truly innovative approach to art engagement that will have a huge impact for generations to come.

Freud Project Research Partner

Research is a fundamental component to the Freud Project at IMMA and the research programme will be provided in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.

This partnership will explore the possibility of 3rd and 4th level scholarship and a future Freud Fellowship initiative.

The main focus of the Freud Fellow is to both deepen awareness and understanding of Freud’s Collection and address the significance of the IMMA Collection: Freud Project in terms of access, public understanding and critical interpretation.

The rigorous programme of research will be managed by IMMA and Trinity College Dublin. The research will be divided into three strands:

  • dissemination of new research through seminars, symposia and publications
  • promotion of scholarly exchange through developmental research opportunities
  • development of partnerships with related institutions both in Ireland and abroad.

Freud Project Learning & Engagement Partner

The dedicated Freud Research Library, within the Freud Centre at IMMA, will be the designated research space for the Freud Research Fellow.

Throughout the five years the space will hold all of the Freud works that are not on show in the main galleries. The space will also boast a library for Freud research and a study area for students to conduct their work.

This Research Library will also be accessible, by appointment, for national and international students and the general public.

The Freud Research Partner will have a distinct presence within the library space. Their logo will appear on all branding of the Freud Research Library, and on all visible storage for the Freud Collection.

Examples of Current Partnerships include:

New Art at IMMA, Proudly Supported by Matheson

Together, IMMA and Matheson, are supporting some of the most exciting and internationally significant young artists working today. A multi-year partnership, New Art at IMMA, Proudly Supported by Matheson, is a major partnership supporting approximately 10 artists making new work each year.

IMMA is committed to supporting artists to make new work through commissions, projects and group exhibitions. New Art at IMMA allows IMMA to continue to support this vital work in a strand of programming that recognises and nurtures new talents, new thinking and new forms of exhibition-making. Similarly, Matheson is driven by talent and believes their staff to be their competitive advantage. To be the best in the market Matheson seek graduates with positive attitudes such as ambition, determination, drive and the ability to think creatively. Both invest in talent and creating an environment that supports the realisation of one’s full potential.

Announced in May 2015, this creative partnership has gone from strength to strength. Read more about the partnership here.

Liam Quirke, Managing Partner at Matheson welcomed the partnership with IMMA stating: “Investing in talented lawyers and creating an environment which allows them to realise their potential are core values of our firm.  We are delighted therefore to partner with IMMA who share our values and hope that our support of New Art at IMMA will allow the Museum to expand its investment in and nurturing of new and emerging talent in modern art.”

Offical Hotel Partner

IMMA are delighted to announce DEAN DUBLIN as our Major Hotel Partner for 2016. Since they opened their doors in 2014, Dean Dublin has strived to create a fun and vibrant space for their guests, right in the heart of the city. An ideal partnership, both IMMA and Dean Dublin value cutting edge and contemporary art with Dean Dublin showcasing original artworks by Irish artists throughout the hotel. Their collection, curated by James Earley, features many artists whose work is also represented in the IMMA Collection; these include Irish artists Mark Francis, Richard Gorman, Patrick Scott and Samuel Walsh. The Dean Dublin Lobby features a glowing Neon LED sign I Fell in Love Here by British artist Tracey Emin, whose work is also included in the IMMA Collection, on long term loan from the Weltkunst Collection.

This partnership will allow Dean Dublin to offer their guests the unique opportunity to engage with IMMA’s creative and experimental programmes, while it enables IMMA to invite some of the most influential figures in the Irish and international art world, including artists, curators and collectors, to come to Dublin.  Read more about this creative partnership here.

Bryan Davern, GM of Dean Dublin, welcomed the partnership; “As IMMA’s Major Hotel Partner we are delighted to welcome leading figures in the Irish and international art world to stay and experience Dean Dublin. Our values are aligned with what IMMA does best, creating new experiences that engage visitors.”

The Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection

The Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection supports the acquisition of works by artists not yet represented by the IMMA Collection of Contemporary and Modern Art. The Hennessy Art Fund exhibition showcases the four Irish based artists whose work will now join IMMA’s Collection, funded by Hennessy Ireland.

Four works by four different Irish based artists have been selected, and the chosen artists for 2016 are Kevin Atherton, David Beattie, Rhona Byrne and Dennis McNulty. All of the works are installations that variously engage film, performance, new media, sound, found objects, everyday materials and audience participation.  They are being exhibited as part of IMMA Collection: A Decade, an exhibition which provides a snapshot of how the National Collection of Modern and Contemporary art has developed over the past 10 years.

The Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection will see artists based in Ireland and Irish artists living abroad eligible for selection each year. Works will be sought that show excellence and innovation within contemporary art developments and represent a signal moment of achievement within the artist’s practice. Work must also have been made within the previous five years. Artists are nominated by a selection panel, which in 2016 included Sarah Glennie, Director IMMA, Christina Kennedy, Senior Curator: Head of Collections at IMMA and independent curator Emma Lucy O’Brien (VISUAL, Carlow), with final recommendations approved by the IMMA Collection & Acquisitions Committee, in line with IMMA’s Collection policy.

Hennessy was founded in Cognac, France in 1765 by Corkonian Richard Hennessy.  Hennessy’s distinctly Irish heritage has stood the test of time and today draws on more than 250 years of knowledge, talent, expertise and passion. This new partnership with IMMA continues Hennessy’s long tradition of supporting and nurturing Irish talent within arts and culture.

Elaine Cullen, Market Development Manager for Moet Hennessy Ireland, said: ‘This new partnership with IMMA continues Hennessy’s long tradition of supporting and nurturing Irish talent within arts and culture. It’s a privilege to enable the acquisition of such high calibre work for the National Collection at IMMA.’

IMMA 1000 Exclusive Coporate Founding Partner

IMMA 1000 is a fundraising initiative to support the future of Irish contemporary art. During our nation’s centenary; we are re-examining what it means to be Irish and asking ourselves how we want the country to develop in the next 100 years. IMMA 1000 will help ensure that the artist remains at the heart of society by creating a fund to specially support IMMA’s work with Irish artists; supporting artists to live and work in Ireland through bursaries and the IMMA residency programme and supporting artists income through commissions, exhibitions, and purchasing work for the IMMA Collection. 

IMMA has been significantly supported in this initiative by Goodbody, our exclusive corporate founding partner. As Ireland’s longest established stockbroking firm, Goodbody understands the importance of creating a lasting legacy today for future generations. That’s why it has made a firm commitment to contribute significant funds to this important initiative over three years. Read more about IMMA 1000 here.

“Goodbody has high regard for IMMA and the work it does. We believe artists deserve a secure place in Irish society. Goodbody wants to help to build and sustain the cultural institutions that make art viable in Ireland. IMMA 1000 is a project of real ambition that we are honoured to support.” Roy Barrett, Managing Director, Goodbody.

Major Openings Partner Tiger Beer

IMMA is delighted to partner with Tiger on our exhibition opening parties. As Our Major Openings Partner Tiger provide sampling product for 4 - 5 major openings each year.

Our exhibition opening parties are gathering places for artists, creatives, culture seekers and influencers. Each major opening reaches an audience of 250-500 people. Opening images are live blogged on Instagram and later posted to Facebook and Twitter triggering multiple engagement opportunities across platforms. Tiger’s logo also appears on all digital evites for each related exhibition. These evites are sent to a subscriber list of 10,000+ people, and are shared online.

Major Openings supported by Tiger in 2016 include: Patrick Hennessy, De Profundis, The Passion According to Carol Rama, Simon Fujiwara, The Humanizer and Emily Jacir, Europa and Duncan Campbell.

For further information on supporting IMMA, or to arrange a visit to experience IMMA, please contact:

Aoife Flynn
Head of Audiences and Development
Tel: +353 1 612 9921

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland
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